8 Point Paragraphs

8-Point Paragraphs
The Journey Begins
What is an 8-Point Paragraph?
It is a way to organize and create a welldeveloped paragraph
Why 8 points?
It has 8 sentences
What are the eight sentences?
Topic sentence
3 Supporting sentences
Each supporting sentence has a detail sentence
Concluding sentence
Why so many questions?
Hey back off I’m trying to teach here
What is the big deal, anyway?
It gives you a map to follow
 Paragraph development helps you convey
your message
 All your semester tests will at least have
one question that requires an 8-point
 We want to be better than our rivals
Click here…if you dare.
Here’s a sample…
Harry Back
English 9—5th Hour
15 September 2009
Sample Paragraph
The 2009 NFL football season is underway with a
select number of teams projected to be serious
contenders for a potential Super Bowl title. The New
England Patriots will be back with a vengeance this
season. After a year plagued with injuries, the Pats
return Pro Bowl quarterback Tom Brady to lead them in
their attack of the AFC. Also in the AFC, the San Diego
Chargers have arguably the best roster from top to
bottom. Veteran leadership from the likes of LaDainian
Tomlinson and Philip Rivers may guide the Chargers
back to their first Super Bowl since the 1994 season.
The NFC boasts the talent of the newly upgraded
Minnesota Vikings. The addition of quarterback Brett
Favre and drafting of wide receiver Percy Harvin have
only added to the offensive firepower that boasted Adrian
Peterson—last season’s leading rusher in the NFL. The
2009 NFL season will be full of surprises, but the
Patriots, Chargers, and Vikings will most certainly be
amidst the race for a championship.
Your job…
Write an 8-point paragraph answering one
of the following questions:
What are the best cell phones?
 What are some tips for students beginning
high school?
 Who are the best (or worst) musical artists?
 What are greatest hobbies of all time?

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