DC-Guides at DC-8 - Dublin Core® Metadata Initiative

DC-Guides at DC-8
Progress So Far
• Review of progress—new draft
• Suggestions for change
– Order of parts
– Presentation of element groups
– More explanation at critical points
• Suggestion for additions
– Addition of section with links to other guides
Updating to do
• Integration of Tom`s ‘Grammar’ in
• Using DC with other metadata sets
(schemas, CEN, etc.)
• Glossary (in progress)—Mary Woodley &
Diane Hillmann
• Reading and References (Eric Scharf)
• Other Guides (ditto)
Looking Forward
• Waiting for completion of documentation
(primarily syntax & architecture)
• Elevation from ‘draft’ to ‘version’
• Move to more sophisticated access model
• Printable version & hypertext
• Different languages?

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