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Ferguson Accounts
Account of Events From Michael
Brown Supporters And Other
S Michael Brown and Dorian Johnson got to Ferguson
Market and Liquor Store.
S Video surveillance captures Brown leaving with a box of
Cigars and pushing the store clerk out of the way.
S Johnson admits that they were there claims it wasn’t a theft
but more of a shoplifting situation.
Young Men meet Officer
S Brown and Johnson are walking in the middle of the street
when officer Wilson confronts them using profanity and
orders the to get out of the street.
S The young men reply that they are not but a minute from
their destination and will be out of the street shortly.
S The officers starts to drive away, but then backs up quickly.
S His car stops inches from Johnson and Brown.
S He then attempts to open his door violently, but the car door
bounces off of “Big Mike’s” body.
S According to Johnson the officer then drew his weapon and
threatened to shoot.
Confrontation Continued
S Johnson says he sees the officers gun pointed at them both.
He said he moved seconds before he pulled he trigger.
S He saw Mike shot in the chest or upper region because he
saw blood splatter down his side.
S Johnson says at no point was there a struggle the officer had
his gun pointed at them. He said they both took off running
and the officer got out of his car.
Brown Dies
S Johnson then reports seeing a second shot strike Big Mike.
At which point Brown turns and puts his hands up.
S According to Johnson Brown puts his hands up and begins
to say that he is unarmed and to stop shooting. The officer
fires several more shots and kills Brown.
Other Witnesses
S Tiffany Mitchell was returning to work. She reports that it
appeared the officer was trying to pull Brown into his
window and that Brown was trying to pull away when the
shot was fired. Piaget Crenshaw Mitchell’s co-worker
reports seeing the same thing through her apartment
S Mitchell also reports seeing the officer get out of the car and
shoot Brown while he had his hands up.
Other Witnesses Cont.
S Crenshaw reports seeing Brown running and getting shot
once. Then Brown turns and is shot multiple times while his
hands were up.
S Michael Brady reports seeing Brown turn around “all balled
up and holding his stomach.” He reportedly was halfway
down when the officer lets out 3-4 more shots at him.
S Video recently released of two construction contractors
reactions moments after the shooting.. In the video one of
the contractors puts his hands up and says “He had his
bleeping hands in the air.” When interview he said he saw
Brown staggering and saying Ok. Ok. Ok.
Other witnesses Cont.
S The contractor said the cop never said get on the ground he
just kept shooting.
S The second contractor said he overheard another witness
saying he was no threat at all. The Second Contractor also
said he saw three officers at the scene and only one fired.
S The second contractor also reported seeing Wilson fire a
shot at Brown while his back was turned.
S The first contractor also reported seeing a second officer at
the scene drawing his gun, but didn’t fire.
S Neither contractor lived in Ferguson or knew the Brown
S Officer Wilson initially responded to a (sick call)
S A separate Officer arrives at the location of the crime (store)
and gets a description of the suspect.
Wilson drives down Canfield Dr. he notices two men walking
in the street. He then asks them to to get out the street blocking
S The young men respond that they are almost to their destination.
S Officer Wilson then put his car in reverse and tries to get out his car.
S Both suspects push his patrol car door close.
S Officer Wilson then makes another attempt to get out of his patrol car.
As he stands up Mike Brown Bum rushes Wilson and punches him in
the face.
S Wilson grabs for his gun.
S Mike Brown then grabs for Wilson’s gun.
S The gun accidentally goes off once. No one is injured.
S Mike Brown begins to run. Wilson says Freeze.
S Mike Brown then turns around and begins taunting Wilson
“Your’re not gonna shoot me”
Mike Brown bum rushes Wilson again.
Wilson begins to fire and did not stop until Brown Collapses 2
to 3ft in front of him.
S Wilson was taken to the hospital (swollen face)
S Brown was shot 6 times.
S The fatal shot hit Brown in the top of the head.

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