chapter 2 (free fall)

Free Fall
PHYS 101 week2-3
Passengers on the “Giant
Drop”, a free-fall ride at Six
Flags Great America sit in
cars that are raised to the
top of a tower. They are
released for 2.6 s of free fall.
• How fast are the
passengers moving after
2.6 s?
• If the cars in which they
ride come to rest in a time
of 1.0 s, what is the
acceleration (magnitude
and direction) experienced
during this slowing-down
phase of the ride?
A pole vaulter is nearly
motionless as he clears
the bar set at 5.2m
above the ground. The
top of the pad is 0.75m
above the ground; It
compresses by 0.50m as
the pole vaulter comes to
• What is his
acceleration as he
comes to rest on the

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