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1-8-2014 Agenda
* Museum Review DUE TODAY!
1 - Get out your sketchbook and note these terms:
Symbols (reusable object): instances of symbols
types of symbols: Graphic, Movie Clip, Button
Motion Tween
2 - Differences Between Shape Tween and Motion Tween
> Shape Tweens - “morph”, only w. shapes
> Motion Tweens - use symbols, animate or transform them
* both work best when one their own layer!!
3 - Flash Environment and workspace continued
Review: Shape Tweens - ease in/out, shape hints
Mountains with Sunrise (multiple shape tweens)
New Topics:
• Working with frames - edit menu (copy, move, remove)
• Symbols (graphic, movie clip, button)
Distribute to layers
• Motion Tween - rotate, alpha, ease in/out, color change
Motion Tweens with change in path, adding keyframes
Motion Guide
• Mask Layer
1-8-14 > Agenda
In-class assignments:
* Create a Flash Practice folder to store all of your in-class mini
assignments. Call it “yourname_flash”
1 - Create a 50 to 300 frame (or more…) animation using the
“frame-by-frame” technique. Create a character (can be a stick
figure) and have them do something. You must include at least
one other object in your animation. Use layers for background if
needed. Save this as “yourname_frame.fla”
2 - multishape tween (hint - use layers!). 4 rectangles filling up
screen, must have change in size and alpha (opacity)
3 - mountains - sunset animation (together in class)
4 - TEXT animation - together in class
5 - animation of your name, using layers and motion tweens, at
least 80 frames long
6 - Mask layer animation using tween with modified motion path

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