Introduction to Library Resources Marylin J. Raisch, Associate Law Librarian for International and Foreign Law [email protected] [email protected] and featuring your portal to academic success:

Introduction to
Library Resources
Marylin J. Raisch, Associate Law Librarian for International and Foreign Law
[email protected]
[email protected] and featuring your portal to academic
What We Offer: Services and
To be used for…
• Preparing for Class
• Preparing for Exams
• Researching Papers
And you can start everything at the
library’s own web page…
It’s the law school’s web address, but with /library/added at the end.
Bookmark us now!
Forgot to bookmark?
Just go to Library link on the law school page!
New Students’ Page:
Under Student Resources at the library’s web page- essentials for
Preparing for Classes: Resources
• Hornbooks, Nutshells, Treatises: Treatise finder:
• Course Reserves: physically only at the Williams location; virtually at by course or
by professor’s name; scroll down at this page until you see
Our search box searches what the library has for you, both books
in print and databases we buy.
But NOT ALL the contests of Lexis, Westlaw and Bloomberg; for that you need to register
the passwords you received in your email prior to your arrival or recently!
Preparing for Exams
• Past Exams! May I please see what kinds of
questions law professors ask here?
• Of course! Under Student Resources at the Library
Home Page, go to
m?rp=/exams-archive/ to enter your netID and
password …
Watch this:
Researching Papers
• Library Resources on-line:
Stay with the Student Resources page:
• Tutorials:
NEW! Tutorial on using Zotero citation manager, prepared by Instructional Services Librarian Jill
Smith – access the set of guides at
• Research Guides:
• Catalogue, Go to Library home page: Our Gulliver catalogue
search will soon include a ‘discovery” mode, and the results will include articles from electronic journals
to which we subscribe, links to digital full texts we have captured or preserved, descriptions of books and
print serials, and databases aggregating even more texts and information. There is a video tutorial on
searching the catalogue- we named our catalogue GULLiver.
• Due Process: The Georgetown Law Library Blog: and linked from the law library home page.
New databases and services as well as other items of interest are announced here.
• Plagiarism policy: Please see the appendix and definition on plagiarism in the 2015-2016
Georgetown Law Student Handbook of Academic Policies, (also in PDF) at
pages 105-106.
Databases= Electronic Information
of All Types
• Journals- listed by title of the journal
• Aggregated journals exist in publisher or
vendor collections;
• All may be accessed through the catalogue
• Ebooks- also by title from within larger
• Videos: our Journal Finder and silent movie:
steps on how to make sure see subscribed
Georgetown content on Google Scholar
Wait…there’s more! More help with research
and study from the library-
• research consultations- schedule online to get
an appointment with a librarian for research help
• interlibrary loan- when no Georgetown library
has the book or article you need
• paging requests and holds- reserve or have
delivered a book from main campus or on our
• group study room reservations- study
together and compare notes.
That is all for now- we have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed
but we offer something they don’t…
But that you may need…
Welcome to Georgetown and Good Luck!

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