A&S Fee Budget Workshop Presentation

A&S Budget Request Process
Presented by: The A & S Accounting and Budget Office
Training Purpose
The purpose of this training is to provide Account Managers with
information and resources that will be useful in assisting them with
completing their 2015-2016 Budget Request.
What we will Cover
• Budget Process Overview
• Budget Process Timeline
• Overview of Funds
• Budget Request Form Instructions
• Budget Request Form Demonstration
• Q&A
The Budget Process
Budget Process Overview
Budget Process Timeline
Key Dates for Account Managers:
• 10/29/14 - Preliminary Budget Request due to SALT team members
• 11/7/14 -Final version of Budget Request due to ASAB
• 01/09 - 01/16/15 - University-Wide Budget and Appropriations
Committee (UBAC) Hearings
• 02/02 - 02/06/15 - Campus Based Budget and Appropriations
Committee (CBAC) Hearings
A&S Budget Request Forms
Overview of Funds
The A&S Budget consist of 3 Types of Funds:
o 97% of A&S Accounts are in this Fund
o Not used to collect revenue from events
o Budget in this Fund does not roll over
• Revenue
o Used to collect revenue from events
o Must have budget to spend revenue
o Rolls over
• Reserves
o Used to house emergency funds, routine maintenance
o Rolls over
Budget Request Form Instructions
1. Retrieve 2014-2015 approved budget
2. Retrieve 2015-2016 Budget Request Form
3. Complete colored sections of form. White sections are auto
4. Create a supplemental detail document
5. Submit your budget request to SALT member by 10/29/14
6. Update your budget request through 11/6/14
7. Submit the FINAL version of your request by 11/7/14
Budget Request Form
2014-2015 Approved A&S Budget
2015-2016 Budget Request Form

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