– Diane Rosen, Regional
• Tribes
– Darrell Seki, Tribal
Treasurer, Red Lake
Band of Chippewa
– Mark Montano, Director
of Tribal Operations,
Red Cliff Band of Lake
Superior Chippewa
The Midwest
Region serves
35 Tribes in :
– Minnesota
– Michigan
– Iowa
– Wisconsin
– Indiana
Natural Resources
Midwest Region
(all Indian land including treaty and ceded areas)
Total Acres
62 million
Forest Acres
41 million
Lakes Acres
2.2 million
Wetlands Acres
4.8 million
Stream Miles
President’s Requested Increases (Decreases) to the 6 Largest Interior
Agencies Over the Prior Year Enacted Level.
FY 2012 Budget Request
FY 2013 Budget Request
FY 2012 Congressionally Enacted Funding Decreases for the 6 Largest Interior Agencies
Budget Increases for the 6 Largest Interior Agencies
FY2004 to FY2013
On February 27, 2013, Midwest Region TIBC representatives sent a
letter to Tribal Leaders in the Region, expressing their dissatisfaction
about the FY 2015 budget process, including the ranking/prioritizing of
tribal programs. The Motion below was adopted by Midwest Region
Tribes at the Regional Budget Meeting, along with modified FY 2015
Budget Worksheets.
Midwest Region Tribal Interior Budget Council Official Action:
“The Midwest Region Tribes attending the budget meeting
February 6th and 7th, 2013 put forward the attached Initiatives
with no rank or order and further stipulate that we do not agree to
any reductions in funding that directly affects the Tribes in our
Region. Furthermore, the Midwest Region Tribes do not want
these initiatives to be used in any way to determine, propose or
enact cuts to the Indian Affairs budget, with the exception of the
5% reduction information.
Midwest Region FY 2015 Modified Budget Worksheets
+3% Increase
+10% Increase
-5% Decrease
FY 2015 Budget Worksheet
Top 5 Initiatives for a 3% Increase
Activities (Sub activities, Program Elements)
OJS (Courts, Law Enforcement)
Human Services (ICWA, Welfare Assistance)
BIE (Scholarships)
Trust – Natural Resources Management (Rights Protection
Implementation, TMD, Wildlife and Parks)
Tribal Government (Aid to Tribal Govt., CTGP, SG Compacts, CSC,
ISD Fund, New Tribes, Small & Needy Tribes, Road Maintenance)
FY 2015 Budget Worksheet
Top 5 Initiatives for a 10% Increase
Activities (Sub activities, Program Elements)
OJS (Courts, LE, Detention, CLEOP, Fire Protection)
Trust – Natural Resources Management(RPI, TMD, W&P, Fish Hatchery
Operations & Maintenance, Forestry, Forestry Projects, Water Mgmt & PreDevelopment, Invasive Spp., Nat. Resources TPA, Climate Change)
Human Services (Social Services, Welfare Assistance, ICWA, HIP)
BIE (Scholarships, JOM)
Tribal Government (Aid to Tribal Govt., CTGP, SG Compacts, CSC, ISD
Fund, New Tribes, Small & Needy Tribes, Road Maintenance)
FY 2015 Budget Worksheet
Top 3 Budget Decreases (-5%) in Rank Order (1 = Least impact)
Information Resources Technology
Minerals and Mining, Administrative Services
Intra-Governmental Payments/Indian Land & Water Claim
Settlements and Misc. Payments
Cuts to Tribal Government Funding
Tribal Priority Allocations (TPA) Fund Core Government Services
1996 TPA Cut:
2002-2008 TPA Cuts:
2013/2014 TPA Sequester Cut:
Total TPA Cuts since 1996:
Only increases for most TPA programs were Pay Costs,
but they were fully funded only once (2008)
Estimate of the Number of Tribal Jobs Lost Due to Sequestration
Midwest Region Service Impacts from Sequestration
Public Safety: fewer cops and firefighters will result in threats to human life; jails
will become less safe; and criminal court cases will get bogged down.
Human Services: sharp reductions in foster care placements; welfare
assistance payments will be denied; and child welfare cases will go
Education: school children will lose essential supplies and tutoring; and the
denial of scholarships funding will cause many students to drop out of college.
Natural Resources: surveys and enhancement projects will be curtailed or
shutdown; active management procedures will be cut back, resulting in
additional job losses for those who log, fish, and gather traditional foods for a
living; and threatened/endangered species will be unprotected.
BIA Services: Midwest Region services to tribes will be sharply curtailed, and
positions eliminated or furloughed.
Midwest Region Trending Issues
-ILCA Lien Waivers
-Wolf Hunting
Midwest Region
Lien Waiver Request
Immediate Benefits
Provide an immediate source of
revenue to Tribes
Reduced administrative costs
associated with processing and
maintaining lien information by Tribe,
by tract and by interest
The appraisal and collection of fair
market rent can be waived if no liens
exist on title for 100% Tribally owned
Hearth Act - Tribal tracts of land which
are encumbered with ILCP liens will
continue to require administrative
assistance by the BIA , conflicting with
the intent of the Hearth Act.
Information gathered from TAAMS Adhoc Reports

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