Updates on the EU PFM 2 Project (DILG Component) (Support to the Local Government Units for more Effective and Accountable Public Financial Management) Department.

Updates on the EU PFM 2
Project (DILG Component)
(Support to the Local Government Units for more Effective and
Accountable Public Financial Management)
Department of the Interior and Local Government
Enhancement on the Comprehensive
Development Plan (CDP) Guide
Rationalized Planning Indicators and Data System (RaPIDS)
CDP-BUB Process Integration
CDP Review Guide
JMC 2 (Enhancement to the Joint Memorandum
Circular No. 001 Series of 2007)
1.a The RaPIDS
Currently being Field Tested in three (3) LGUs in Region 3 (Tarlac City,
Olongapo City and Municipality of Subic)
Just like the LDIS, the RaPIDS is an indicator and data system that is
embedded in the whole planning process, from profiling to monitoring
and evaluation
The RaPIDS prescribes a minimum and generic data set which applies to
all LGUs and optional and customized data sets for applicable ecosystem
or development priorities.
The RaPIDS has been exposed during consultations and pilot-tested in the
4th quarter of 2014 and in the first quarter of 2015. Refinement to finalize the
RaPIDS are focused on making the data system more user-friendly as well
as responsive to the needs of all LGUs.
The final version of the RaPIDS shall be published as a supplemental tool
for LGUs and as a part of the enhancement to the CDP Guide by the end
of 2015 (4th quarter)
1.b CDP-BUB Process Integration
The BuB process introduced a distinct and separate planning process
apart from the Local Development Planning Process.
It provides for a separate planning structure (LPRAT)
Development brought about by the BuB process still needs to be
incorporated in the overall development strategy of the LGU thus, the
need for harmonization/integration
The BLGD conducted its second (2nd) consultation workshop with
stakeholders last June 29-30, 2015.
The output of the said workshops is to come up with a policy paper
that includes recommendations that can be adopted in the proposed
JMC 2 of the oversight agencies and other policy issuances relative to
BuB by the end of 2015 (4th quarter)
1.c CDP Review Guide
One of the lingering gaps in local development planning is the vertical
alignment of the CDPs of the component LGUs with that of the PDPFPs of the
To further aid provinces and its component LGUs in ensuring vertical
alignment, a Review Mechanism was proposed and is currently being
subjected to several consultations the last was conducted this June 24-25, 2015
Results of the consultations yielded mixed reactions from its legal cover and
its operationalization. Several stakeholders saw the potential of the tool as a
basis for incentives.
The CDP Review Guide has been drafted and exposed during consultations in the
2nd quarter of the year. Refinements to the review guide are currently being
incorporated based on the multi-sectoral consultations for finalization.
The final version of the guide shall be published by the end of 2015 (4th
2. JMC 2 (enhancement to JMC 2007-01)
The first consultation for the draft JMC 2 was conducted last June 22, 2015
One of the major issues raised by the participants is the definition of the AIP.
( Separate AIP definition for planning and budgeting purposes)
It was proposed that there should only be one definition regardless if it
will be used for planning or budgeting
Another major issue is the synchronized local planning and budgeting
calendar to include the BuB Process and to consider the National Budgeting
cycle for plan complementation and augmentation across levels of government
The issue on giving the provinces more role in local planning and budgeting
was also raised in the consultation
The second version of the draft JMC 2 will be circulated by the 2nd week of
July for further comments and inputs before subjecting the same for another
round of consultation for finalization
Thank you

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