Microsoft Advertising successfully increases brand
awareness for Canon EOS Digital Cameras in
Canon, the Japanese imaging and optical products manufacturer, wanted to generate brand awareness for its Electro-Optical System
(EOS) range of digital cameras through the use of online media channels. Targeting young adults with an interest in the technology,
lifestyle and entertainment space, Canon Singapore worked with Microsoft Advertising to run a series of banner advertisements on the
XinMSN homepage and Windows Live Messenger successfully generating over 2.9 million impressions.
Objective: With a focus on 18-39 year olds, Canon Singapore looked to
improve brand awareness of its EOS range of digital cameras in Singapore
by running an online advertising campaign. Canon wanted to emphasise
the EOS Camera system as the most complete single lens reflex (SLR)
camera system in the world. To establish this, Canon wanted to convey
three core brand attributes to potential consumers:
1. Personal fulfilment
2. Strong product performance
3. EOS Community
Solution: Canon wanted to be seen at the forefront of technology and
innovative ideas. Leading with the tagline ‘Whatever your vision,
Canon EOS makes it possible’, Canon developed a range of rich media
flash advertisements in the form of an IAB filmstrip, expandable showcase
and half banner ad to be shown across a number of MSN properties.
Canon become the first advertiser in Singapore to successfully
rollout the IAB filmstrip format from Microsoft Advertising
The IAB filmstrip advertisement, which uses multiple advertisement creatives, which are rotated sequentially without imposing on the
users online experience, were positioned on Singapore’s popular XinMSN homepage for maximum exposure with the target audience.
Simultaneously an expandable showcase creative was then placed on the ‘Technology’, ‘Lifestyle’ and ‘Entertainment’ channels of the
portal in order to reach those users visiting the site with a particular interest. Canon Singapore also decided to use the highly popular
Windows Live Messenger platform to host flash-based half banners linking to the corporate website
The campaign ran over a three week period, aimed at users aged between 18-39 with a household income over $4,000 per month.
The goal was to establish the EOS Camera system as the most complete single lens reflex (SLR) camera system in the world and
create a sense of community between EOS users in Singapore. Canon also ran similar campaigns offline through TV, radio and print
to complement the digital marketing efforts.
“We were impressed by the number of
unique impressions we achieved
through Microsoft Advertising. The team
helped us deliver against our campaign
targets and we will consider Microsoft
Advertising as part of our marketing mix
for future campaigns.”
Edwin Teoh, Assistant Director,
The effectiveness of the campaign was measured by the number of unique impressions:
• The campaign successfully increased awareness of the Canon EOS ecosystem by
delivering over 2.9 million impressions, of which 1.3 million were unique impressions.
The campaign emphasised the potential reach of MSN in increasing awareness in
Singapore. Through use of creative advertising techniques, Canon was able to meet their
campaign goals and intend to engage with Microsoft Advertising on future marketing
campaigns in the near future.
Consumer Imaging Products Marketing
Division, Canon Singapore
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