GPSC Overview 2012-2013 - Graduate and Professional Student

Graduate and Professional Student
Who We Are
• An organized group of graduate and
professional students working with
administration to serve the needs of
graduate and professional students
• Executive Board (in attendance)
– Vice President: Jason Williams
– Secretary: Kyna Betancourt
– Treasurer: Zheni Stefanova
What We Do
• Unite the graduate and
professional voice to increase
– Putting graduate and professional
students on committees/boards/SG
– More collaboration with SG
– More direct voice to Graduate Dean
– Voting rights on budget and bills
What We Do
• Enhancing graduate student
– Networking (professional and social)
– Professional development
– Physical location
What We Do
• Advocacy
– Encompasses everything we do
– We are always working to get better
services for graduate and professional
– Standing up for the rights of graduate
and professional students
What We Are Currently
Working On
• Working to be instated as an
independent system to fund graduate
and professional student organizations
– More money for organizations
• And graduate/professional students are
making budget decisions
– Research funding
• Advocating for more funding for
graduate and professional students to
present at conferences
How You Can Be Involved
• Become an active member of GPSC
(come visit our table at orientation)
• Support our efforts to become an
independent funding system
• Help us advocate for more
conference grant money
Need More Information
• Stop by our table
• Email Kyna Betancourt:
– [email protected]
• Email Jason Williams
– [email protected]
• Email Zheni Stefanova
– [email protected]

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