Overview of National Qualifications

Qualifications Update/Key Dates
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CfE Support Manager
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CQF Level
Replaced by
Advanced Higher
Advanced Higher
Graded A-D
Graded A-D
SG Credit/Int2
National 5
Graded A-D
SG General/Int1
National 4
Access 3/SG Foundation
National 3
Access 2
National 2
Access 1
National 1
Dual – running of National Qualifications
• Final dual running year for Access 2, Access 3, Intermediate 1,
Intermediate 2 and the current Higher to run alongside National
2 – new Higher qualifications
• National 2, National 3, National 4, National 5, Higher and
Advanced Higher
• Advanced Higher qualification will not dual run
Replacement of existing National Courses and
 All existing National Courses (Access 2, Access 3, Intermediate
1, Intermediate 2, current Higher, current Advanced Higher) will
finish in July 2015
 Where existing Units in these Courses are being replaced,
existing Units will continue to be available until July 2016
 No entries for existing Units will be accepted after this date
 Where existing Units form part of Group Awards such as
National Certificates and NPAs the replacement Units will also
become part of these Awards
 Existing Units that are not being replaced will continue to be
available until they are either replaced or removed as part of
our current portfolio review process
Skills for Work (SfW) Courses
 SfW Course levels at Access 3, Intermediate 1 and
Intermediate 2 have been changed to National 3, National 4
and National 5 respectively
 Unit codes remain the same and Course and Unit content has
not changed. Only course code has changed
 SfW Higher Courses will be recoded in 2014
National 1 – National 5 Qualification Update
 Subject-specific common questions and answers are available
on the subject pages for N2 – N5
 Common key messages and subject messages published
following event verification activity for N1 – N5
 Prior verified Assessment materials available to use for some
subjects on Secure site
 National 1 Units – Phase 3 development published
N2-Higher Revision
 Revisions to mandatory documents will be published were
published in June –
Course specifications
Unit specifications
Course Assessment Specifications
 Centres will receive notification of any changes made to Unit
Assessment Support packs
 Unit Assessment Support packs - updates will be completed by end
of August
 Higher Practice Paper – January 2015
UASP’s should be held securely and treated as confidential
Recognising Positive Achievement Arrangements
• Support candidates who receive a ‘No Award’ (Band 8/9) in the
Course Assessment at National 5
• Allows candidates to achieve the Course Award at National 4,
providing they have passed:
– All Internally-Assessed Units at National 5
– Added Value Unit at National 4
– Numeracy/Literacy Unit (if applicable)
• Candidates must have been entered for and attempted at least one
component of the National 5 Course assessment
RPA Arrangements contd.
 There has to be a hierarchical/corresponding Course in place at
National 4
 English , Gàidhlig and Mathematics Courses at National 4 include a
Literacy or Numeracy Unit, but the corresponding Courses at
National 5 do not. To be eligible for RPA in these Courses the
candidate must also have:
- Pass in the National 4 Added Value Unit
- Pass in the Lit/Num Unit at N4 or N5
*Not applicable to Lifeskills Mathematics Course
Core Skills
 Core Skills continue to be an important part of our
Qualifications system and there will continue to be a Core
Skills Profile
 SQA has devised guidance on Courses or Units, in the new
National Qualifications, that have Core Skill or Core Skill
 These qualifications will give automatic certification of the
Core Skill and/or component
 A mapping exercise has been implemented to link some Core
Skills within National Units
Core Skills Information
Literacy and Numeracy Units
Literacy Units form a mandatory part of –
 English/Gàidhlig Courses at National 3 and National 4
The Numeracy Unit forms a mandatory part of  Lifeskills Mathematics Courses at National 3, 4 and 5Mathematics
Course at National 4
 There are freestanding Literacy and Numeracy Units available at
SCQF levels 3, 4 and 5 for those who require full certification,
including adult learners
 Available from August 2013
Literacy and Numeracy Information
Skills for Learning, Life and Work
 These skills are an important component of the New National
Qualifications in support of Curriculum for Excellence
 The aim is to improve the skill sets of learners for the world they
live and work in
 Learners should be encouraged to recognise where the skills are
developing in their area of learning
 Greater focus on skills development –
Employability, enterprise and citizenship
Skills for Learning, Skills for Life, Skills for Work
Health and well-being
Thinking skills
Advanced Higher Timeline
 All mandatory documents have been published for Advanced
 Course Specifications
 Unit Specifications
 Course Assessment Specifications
 Advice and guidance on approaches to delivery and assessment
have also been published for new Advanced Higher:
Course and Unit Support Notes
 UASP’s for new Advanced Higher Courses* will be published
from October 2014 – April 2015
*New Advanced Higher operational Aug 2015
Support Events for /Lecturers/Teachers/Parents
 144 Higher Subject Implementation Events across Scotland
 Video/presentations online at:
Username: events2013
Password: cfe2013
 Working with National Parent Forum Scotland and Employers
 HEI events – May 2014
 Events to support new Advanced Higher courses will be held in
January - April 2015
 Webinars were delivered to help support the implementation
of the new National Qualifications
 These webinars covered the following topics:
Recognising Positive Achievement
Results Service
Exceptional Circumstances
Candidate Advice Line
 Presentations available on SQA Academy
 Planning for third series of webinars is underway
Data Exchange Requirements
0345 213 6960
[email protected]
Product Codes
• Reminder - codes for N1 to new Advanced Higher series begins C700.
Level codes are 71-77 to allow identification from other National
Level Code
Level Description
National 1
National 2
National 3
National 4
National 5
New Higher
New Advanced Higher
Intermediate 2 Physics codes
C069 11
Course Code
D379 11
Mechanics Heat Unit
D380 11
Electricity and Electronics Unit
D381 11
Waves and Optics (half unit)
D382 11
Radioactivity (half unit)
X069 11
External Assessment Code
National 5 Physics codes
C757 75
Course Code
H256 75
Electricity and Energy Unit
H258 75
Dynamics and Space Unit
H25A 75
Waves and Radiation Unit
X757 75
External Assessment Code
Submitting Data Accurately and On Time
September 2014
 Candidate Entry process opens
Closing date for –
 Submission of Outstanding
Unit Results to guarantee an
August 2014 certification date
 Approval applications for
Courses certificated in 2015
January 2015
Closing date for –
 Initial entry information on
Courses, Units and, where
appropriate, external
Some Key Dates Feb/March 2015
Early Feb 2015
Receive and action your
Incomplete National Course
Profiles –
 Unit entries missing report:
Entries Eligibility Report
 Receive and sign off your Entry
Profile Summary Report
End March 2015
 Closing date for Entry
Withdrawals to be
 Closing date for Entries and
Changes of Level to be
Some Key Dates April/June 2015
Mid April
Early June
 Receive your Entry Profile
Summary Report – for
information only
 Closing date for Unit results
 Incomplete National Course
Profiles – missing Unit entries
report (Entries Eligibility Report)
 Incomplete National Course
Profiles- Unit results missing
report (Results Eligibility Report)
 Missing National Course Internal
Assessment Marks Report
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