Desko IDES

Evaluation System
Col Robert Desko
• IAW AFI 41-210 para 4.51 describes the IDES process. The IDES integrates the
Air Force DES with the Veterans Administration (VA), and delivers the advantage
of single-sourced disability ratings that are accepted by both the DoD and the VA,
so the member will receive a VA benefits decision shortly after separation or
• Members must have had an injury, illness or disease occur or aggravated in the
line of duty to be eligible.
• ANG Medical Groups (MDG) are responsible for completing the LOD IAW AFI
36-2910 and AFI 41-210 para. 4.75.1.
• The purpose of IDES is to eliminate the amount of referrals to the Medical
Evaluation Board (MEB) for members who can be returned to duty with an
Assignment Limitation Code (ALC). In order to minimize inappropriate referrals,
there will be a two-step “pre-IDES” screening process on all potential MEB
IDES-General Information
• There are two steps for Pre-IDES. The first step is review of the case at the MTF
• The second step will consist of an Initial Review in Lieu Of (IRILO) submitted to
NGB/SG for review. This review will determine if the member can be returned to
duty (RTD) with an ALC stratification or referred for a MEB.
• The Initial RILO may be initiated anytime an Airmen is not anticipated to regain
mobility or retention eligibility within 12 months of the initial DLC. Additionally,
certain diagnoses will result in immediate Initial RILO IAW AFIs 41-210 and 48123.
• An RTD disposition NGB/SG is final, and has the same effect and authority as an
MEB IAW AFI 41-210.
• Once the case has been referred for an MEB, the member will officially enter
IDES. A member cannot enter the MEB process without being referred by NGB.

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