Smittcamp Familly Honors College Presentation

Fall 2013
Counselors’ Information for
Smittcamp Family Honors College
President’s Honors Scholarship
California State University, Fresno
for applicants enrolling in Fall 2014 as
new freshman
Students may have been nominated by the
Principal or Academic Counselor according to GPA,
but they also may apply if they meet at least one of
the following minimum requirements:
• Minimum GPA of 3.8 in high school courses
(weighted or unweighted, through end of
junior year)
• Top 10% of graduating high school class
• Minimum combined SAT ~ 1800 or ACT ~ 27
• Over 600-700 applicants each year
• 15-18 Reading Teams~no relatives or friends
of applicants involved
• No preference towards particular high schools,
majors, or family backgrounds
• Average GPA of selected Scholars: over 4.3
• Average SAT verbal + math: over 1300 combined
• AP scores of 4 or 5 on at least one test;
passing score on IB HL
• 50 President’s Honors Scholarships awarded each
4-Year President’s Scholarship for
undergraduate study in the
Smittcamp Family Honors College
includes each semester:
• Tuition (In-State Registration)
for all majors
• Cost of a double occupancy,
Community Style dorm room
Not included:
• Student fees, room upgrades,
food costs, and books
Use of the Smittcamp Family Honors College Office
• Computers and Printer
• Fax
• Copy Machine
• Student Lounge/Kitchenette and Seminar Room
• Staff Assistance
General Education Advising
Priority Registration
Extended Borrowing Privileges at Madden Library
General Education (small classes—25 students)
• Lower-Division:
2 Honors GE courses each semester the first two years, for a total
of 8 Honors lower division GE courses
• Upper-Division:
3 Honors GE courses satisfy all upper-division GE requirements
Honors 101 often fulfilled overseas
Another Special Honors course
• Honors Colloquium (Town Hall format with guest speakers):
4 in first two years, 1 in a subsequent semester
Senior Honors Project or Honors 180 Special Project
Minimum GPA:
3.25 in first and second years
3.4 in third and fourth years
Most graduate summa (3.9+) or magna cum laude (3.7+)
and over 90% in four years.
Community Service:
30 (20 Honors/10 Anywhere) hours in first year
20 (10 Honors/10 Anywhere) hours in second and third
As undergraduates at Fresno State,
SFHC scholars perform lab research
that is not available to undergraduate
students at large research institutions.
(President’s Scholarship may apply to fees)
CSU International Programs
University Study Abroad Consortium
Fresno State Mini-Semesters
American Institute for Roman Culture in Rome
Departmental Programs
Our President’s Scholars have attended some of the best schools
for medicine, law, business, engineering, and arts & sciences:
• UCSF, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSB, UC Davis, UC San Diego, UC Hastings
• Stanford
• Yale
• Cornell
• Princeton
• Columbia
• Carnegie Mellon
• University of Chicago
• Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies
• Indiana University
• New York University
• Loma Linda University
• Boston University
• of course, Fresno State! (and many more….)
Athletics & President’s Scholars:
Katie Lee & Eric Battles named
2011 Bulldogs of the Year
4 SFHC Undergraduate Dean’s Medalists
1 SFHC Graduate Dean’s Medalist
B.A. Art, B.S. Biology
M.A. International Relations
NSF Fellowship Winner, 2013
Attending Harvard University for Ph.D. in Public Policy
1) California State University, Fresno
• Complete online application at
All online!
Oct. 1 - Nov. 30, 2013
Don’t delay!
• $55 nonrefundable application fee
2) Fresno State Scholarships Application
• Complete online application at
available October 1, 2013
3) Smittcamp Family Honors College
Due 12/12/13 (online @ Scholarships web site)
Students will download the
PDF file from the
Fresno State Scholarships
application web site
It is highly recommended that they have the latest version
of Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the application.
Applicant will ask for the email address of the high
school counselor/registrar so that applicant can
provide it on the Scholarships web site.
Counselor/registrar will have to upload documents in
one PDF to the web site in response to a prompt
received by email:
• Counselor Verification form and
• Official high school transcript (& official college)
• 2 Letters of Rec with cover sheets (if school has
restrictive policy)
Counselor/registrar will scan and upload these
documents together in one PDF.
If the applicant needs to change the person
responsible for uploading high school
documents, the student can use the reset
button to resend a request to a
counselor/registrar, who will then upload
the Counselor Verification form and official
high school transcript in one PDF.
Schools may also submit transcripts by
Docufide online to the Scholarships web
Students MUST uploaded all of these together:
• Completed Application with Applicant’s
signature (and a Parent/Guardian’s signature
if Applicant is under 18)
• Three (3) Essays
• Two (2) Letters of Recommendation (at
least one from a classroom teacher) and
Recommendation Forms (with signatures)
• Copy of AP/IB test score reports
• Unofficial college transcripts for all courses
The Honors College will notify all applicants of their status
at the end of February.
The letter will be sent
through US mail.
If applicant has not received
a Notification Letter by
mid-March, contact the
Honors College.
Please encourage your students who receive an offer of
the President’s Honors Scholarship to let us know
whether they will be accepting it as soon as possible.
They also need to respond to all communications from the
Scholarships office via email.
By early April they should know where they wish to go to
college because all major deadlines will have passed.
We will be providing Advising Days for registration for Fall
classes in early April.
Again, please encourage clear communication with us.
Call the Smittcamp Family Honors
College office 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
E-mail our office at
[email protected]

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