Electronic Travel Process Disbursements and Travel Services (DTS) Course: DE665 [email protected] or 458-4833 Presenters: Lisa Cartier 458-5915 Nora Compean 458-4831

Electronic Travel Process
Disbursements and Travel Services
Course: DE665
[email protected] or 458-4833
Presenters: Lisa Cartier 458-5915
Nora Compean 458-4831
Did you know
• The University of Texas at San Antonio is a
public institution, all expense records,
regardless of fund source, are open to the
public under the federal Freedom of
Information Act. Travel expenses must be
reasonable and necessary to accomplish the
University’s mission.
Conservation of State Funds
• A state agency must minimize the amount of travel
expenses reimbursed by ensuring that each travel
arrangement is most cost-effective considering all relevant
circumstances (Tex Gov’t Code Sec. 660.007.).
• A state agency may reimburse a travel expense only if the
purpose of the travel clearly involves official state business
and is consistent with the agency’s legal authority.
• Some exceptions may apply when paying travel
expenditures with other local and grant funds.
The rules and regulations covering travel
reimbursement come from several sources.
The University of Texas is governed by the State of
Texas Travel Regulations Act, the General
Appropriations Act, Rules and Regulations of the
University of Texas System Board of Regents, and
official interpretations of the Travel Act as made by the
State Comptroller of Public Accounts.
Authority (cont’d):
• Board of Regents’ Rules and Regulations,
Rule 20801 requires institutions to issue
travel regulations.
• The Internal Revenue Service regulations
(IRC§162 and various rules) stipulate travel
expenditures be treated as non-taxable
reimbursements: Accountable Plan.
IRS Accountable Plan:
• Travel must have a business connection
• Travel expenditures must be substantiated
• Travel expenditures must be accounted for
within 30 days after travel has taken place
• Advances paid in excess must be returned to
UTSA within 30 days after completion of
Required Travel Information
Who, what, when, where and why?
Traveler’s name
Dates of travel
Purpose of trip
• Disposition of duties
• Account number (if cost to
• Benefit to UTSA
State Travel Management
Program (STMP)
As part of the STMP, Texas Procurement and
Support Services (TPASS) staff negotiate and
administer statewide contracts with travel
suppliers including travel card systems,
airlines, rental car companies, lodging
providers, and travel agencies.
Lodging/Contracted Hotel
• There are many contracted hotel vendors to choose
from around the country. Typically vendors will
honor the State rates published on the GSA website.
• In the event a non-contracted vendor is utilized, then
the rates may be higher. These higher rates may lead
to a Lodging Rate Increase Form being required.
Hotel Directory on the State Comptroller’s website:
Lodging Rate Increase Form:
Used to request a lodging rate that exceeds the GSA per diem rate for domestic or international overnight travel.
Lodging, Meals and Incidentals
• Go to GSA (General Services
Administration) for per diem rates at
• For partial days, utilize the Meals &
Incidental Expenses (M&IE) breakdown
• Reimbursement on meals require an
overnight stay
Car Rental -State Contracted Vendors
Current State Awarded Vendors for the period of:
03/31/04 – 11/30/10
** State will be issuing an RFP soon – will communicate updates **
• Enterprise (can be direct billed (see contact below) or
reservations can be made via the phone/online)
– State of Texas contact is John Hampton:
[email protected] or 866-398-5080
• Avis (can be direct billed (see contact below) or
reservations can be made via the phone/online)
– State of Texas contact is Holly Ferguson:
[email protected] or 800-525-7521 x 31695
• Current reimbursable mileage rate:
50 cents per mile if using personal vehicle from pointto-point
• Mileage will be reimbursed at the lowest cost to
the State
• Note: An increase in the number of miles incurred due
to an employee receiving inadequate directions or
being lost is not reimbursable.
Airlines – State Contracted
• Contracted terms 06/01/08 – 03/31/11
– Given that American, Continental and Southwest
bid on the federal travel contract, it is possible that
the State will decide to issue an RFP, but stay
– Current vendors:
• American Airlines
• JetBlue Airways
State Travel Agencies used by UTSA:
1. Corporate Travel (210) 366-1142
2. Alamo Travel (210) 593-5585 and 866-963-6057
3. Anthony Travel 800-736-6377 or (214) 363-2453
Who is required to complete an RTA?
Travel Authorization (VE5)
What is an Request for Travel Authorization
(RTA) or VE5?
Required for any business absence from campus
or other designated headquarters.
 during the normal working period
 whether or not there is a cost to UTSA
Approved by traveler’s director or supervisor
(see travel management office website).
Travel Exercise
• Cheryl Gay drove to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend a
professional development conference for a 3 day
workshop. The speaker was Dr. Smith. The agenda stated
the workshop dates were from September 2nd-4th, 2010
from 8am to 5pm. Sonya reserved a rental vehicle from
Enterprise. Elena took care of Cheryl’s hotel
accommodations at the Holiday Inn = 3 nights. Cheryl
picked up the car at Enterprise on 09/1/10 at 1pm. Cheryl
arrived in Tulsa at 10pm. On 09/04/10 Cheryl left Tulsa at
2pm and arrived in SA at 11pm. Cheryl dropped off the
rental the next morning. Cheryl pumped gas of $150 while
on travel status.
The VE5 is organized in 6 parts:
** Refer to the VE5 Request for Travel Handout **
Cover Sheet
Destination Code
Purpose of Travel
Washington DC Travel
Account Information
Define Codes (optional)
Request for Travel (RTA) - VE5
Request for Travel (RTA) - VE5
Request for Travel (RTA) - VE5
Request for Travel (RTA) - VE5
Request for Travel (RTA) - VE5
The above would be an estimated cost of the trip – remember to enter an
approximate, realistic cost. For purposes of the training, “no cost to UT”
will be selected.
VE6 (Correction of an RTA)
Changes need to be made to the RTA – require a VE6 (i.e. trip cancelled, dates of
travel changes, name of traveler changes, etc.)
Ensure that the most recent VE6 has been final approved, prior to reimbursement on
a VP5.
YB2 Status of Documents
If you would like to check the status of your documents, review the YB2 box.
International SOS
• Registration is required for all university
members traveling abroad via
• If a State contracted vendor is not used for travel
arrangements, then the traveler is required to directly
register with International SOS on their own prior to
• Ensure that during the DEFINE approval process, notes
are entered within the document noting the
confirmation of the International SOS registration.
Student Travel
For further information please visit:
• Student Travel Policies
• Student Travel
Authorization Requests
• Release and Indemnification
Agreement for Participant
• Use of Rental Vehicle
• Motor Vehicle Record
• Driver Training and Test
International SOS-required
Insurance Coverage
Emergency Notification
Retention of Documentation
Airplane, Bus, or Train
• Forms
• FAQs
Travel Advances – 2.9.2 Guideline
• Purpose/Scope
The University of Texas at San Antonio may
advance funds to minimize financial hardship for
employees or students traveling on official UTSA
• A Request Travel Authorization (RTA) is
– A budget will also be required to support the
advance, where appropriate.
Travel Advances – 2.9.2 Guideline
Requirements & Eligibility
• Program designed for infrequent travelers
(domestic/foreign travel)
• Program designed for travelers that DO NOT have
a travel card
• Program designed to pay for travel expenses that
are NOT directly billed to UTSA
• THOSE NOT eligible to receive a travel advance
– prospective employees and students
Travel Advances – 2.9.2 Guideline
Accounts to be charged
• Costs to be expensed as follows:
– 26 accounts require Office of Sponsored Programs
(OSP)’s approval 1st prior to DTS.
– For State Funds (14) accounts, only advances for meals
and lodging may be allowed per Texas Code Section
– Eligible Subaccount numbers for travel costs:
• -68: For all student athlete recruitment travel.
• -75: For all non-student domestic travel.
• -76: For all non-student international (foreign) travel.
• -77: For all student non-athletic team travel.
• -78: For all student athletic team travel.
– Travel advances are not allowed from a 36-Plant account.
Travel Advance Request Form
• Must be submitted 10 business days prior to the
travels departure date for processing.
• A Request Travel Authorization (RTA – VE5) with
proper approval signatures is also required in order
to receive a travel advance.
• This Travel Advance Form can be found on the
Financial Affairs website
Travel Advance Request Form
• Certification: Must be signed by an authorized
signer on the account.
– Travel advances in excess of $10,000 require
additional approval from a Vice President, Dean,
Associate/Assistant Dean or Associate/Assistant Vice
– The traveler’s immediate supervisor must sign if the
traveler is also the account administrator.
Travel Advances – 2.9.2 Guideline
• Settlement
– Submit all documentation including a properly executed Local
Funds Voucher (will be renamed Travel Reimbursements
Form later).
– Will need all pertinent data if returning funds.
– When advances are not settled within 30 days of the return
date, then a report will be provided to the respective VP and
the advance may have to be reported as income and subject to
payroll withholding.
– Ensure that an outstanding travel advance is settled prior to
being authorized for another travel advance.
Back-to-back Trips
• If there is a short period of time between
trips (2-3 days), then one RTA is required
and you may request one travel advance to
cover both trips.
• You must clear the first cash advance before
receiving a second cash advance.
VP5 (Employee Reimbursement)
The Electronic Travel Voucher (VP5) is used to reimburse
employees for out of pocket business travel expenses, and to
provide accounting of those expenses.
VP5 (Employee Reimbursement)
VP5 (Employee Reimbursement)
Foreign Travel Information
• All original receipts must be attached.
• All receipts must have the conversion rates for
purchases (typically calculated using the
OANDA site, but a statement from a credit card,
bank or the slip used to convert funds can be
utilized) .
• Worksheet is provided on OANDA website.
• Meal receipts are required.
• A budget is required if an advance is requested
for foreign travel.
Other travel options:
• CBA Card (Central Billed Account) –due to
the State’s recent announcement of the
charge card program being awarded to
Citibank, the DTS office has begun to limit
cards due to the pending conversion.
• IBA (Individually Billed Card) or Employee
Travel Card
• Direct Bill
For travel questions please email
or call
ext. 4213 - Disbursements
ext. 4833 - Travel
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