What is Globalization?

What is Globalization?
Key words:
AT Kearney
Command terms:
Describe and evaluate one of the
following two globalization indices:
the AT Kearney index or the KOF index,
as a measure of global interaction.
Describe how the globalization index
may be represented spatially.
So what is Globalization?
So globalization has many sides..
It is not new…
But what is it?
One definition
The growing interdependence of countries worldwide through the
increasing volume and variety of cross-border transactions in goods
and services and of international capital flows, and through the more
rapid and widespread diffusion of technology.
What are the key ideas here?
2. 2. what might be missing from this definition?
 What do you see as the main opportunities
and threats of globalization?
 Why is globalization a topic for
What are some of the key questions
you think geographers may ask in
regards to globalization?
How would you describe the following
So what has been the trend of
How might Globalization possibly be
In a small group, create a simple index that
measures globalization.
What did you include in your index?
2 measures of globalization:
KOF index
AT Kearny index

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