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Assistive Technology: Free
& Low Cost Apps for
Student Use
Megan Shadrick, M.S., M.A., COMS
Associate Director, Disability Resource Center-Access Technology Center
Missouri State University
• Where to begin
• Where to go for resources and ideas
• Some popular apps right now
Apps as Assistive Technology
• Where do you begin?
• Become familiar with the built-in accessibility features of the tablets
• At a minimum know the basics of navigation and use
• Have on hand resources and videos to share with students
General Accessibility Resources
Apple Accessibility
IOS Access For All (book)
General Accessibility Resources
Android Accessibility
Free Udemy Course: Accessibility Features on Android
Where Do You Turn for App Advice &
• “Google it”
• Know the need or desired function
• Use key words or phrases such as “learning disability and reading
My Favorite Resources
DyslexiaHelp at the University of Michigan
National Center for Learning Disabilities
Assist Ireland
AHEAD Archives
• http://Ahead.org
• Currently a handout from 2012 conference
• #8.11 “There’s An App For That!” A Small Look At Some Apple iPad™
Educational Apps
• Deanna Arbuckle, University of Dayton
Maintaining an App List
• How do you remain current and relevant?
• Keeping up with the next “best app” can be difficult!
• Social media
• RSS feeds
• List serves
My Favorite List Serves
ATHEN list - Access Technology Higher Education Network
ATHEN is a professional association and network for Access Technology
in Higher Education. The purpose of ATHEN is to collect and
disseminate best practices in access technology in the higher education
environment as well as present a collective voice for the professional
practice of access technology in higher education.
My Favorite List Serves
The HTCTU altmedia list
The High Tech Center Training Unit of the California Community
Colleges provides training and support in Assistive Computer
Technology, Alternate Media, and Web Accessibility. The HTCTU
provides listservs open to colleagues in higher ed and service providers
who work with individuals with disabilities. The altmedia list, dedicated
to the discussion of alternate media and assistive technologies, is a
helpful, knowledgeable, friendly community that is a great resource for
anyone in the assistive technology field.
Learning How To Use Apps
• Finding the time to learn
• Finding how to videos and resources to share
• Have apps available in the office for students to try before they buy
Some Popular AT Apps Right Now
• Apps frequently mentioned on list serves
• Apps frequently mentioned by students
Apps for Reading
Good Reader- $2.99
ClaroPDF (VO)- $2.99
Voice Dream (VO)- $9.99
Vbookz PDF Voicereader- $4.99
Google Play
ezPDF Reader- Free
@Voice Aloud Reader- Free
Cool Reader- Free
NaturalReader Text to SpeechFree
Apps for Notetaking
Audio Class Notes- Free
StudyBlue- Free
Notability- $2.99
Google Play
Study Blue- Free
Lecture Recording- $1.99
Lecture Notes- $4.26
Apps to Stay Organized
iStudiez Lite (VO)- Free
To-Do Daily Planner- Free
Evernote (VO)- Free
Google Play
MyLifeOrganized- Free
Trello- Free
Apps for Dictation and Writing
Built-in dictation
Pages- $9.99
Google Play
Built-in dictation
Writer- Free
Memo- Free
OCR Scanning Apps
CamScanner- Free
Genius Scan- Free
ABBYY TextGrabber +
Translator- $6.99
Voxdox (also TTS)- Free
Prizmo (VO and TTS)- $9.99
SmartScan+OCR- $1.99
Google Play
Cam Scanner- Free
Genius Scan- Free
ABBY TextGrabber +
Translator- $6.99
Voxdox- Text to Speech Pro- Free
Math Apps
PhotoMath- Free
Talking Calculator- $0.99
Talking Scientific Calculator- $4.99
MyScript Calculator- Free
MyScript MathPad- Free
Google Play
Talking Calculator- Free
MyScript Calculator- Free
Don’t Forget the Next Best App!
• Some will stick around while others will fade away
• There will always be something with more features around the corner
It’s Okay Not To Be The Expert
• Know where to go or who to ask
Missouri State University
Megan Shadrick M.S., M.A., COMS
Associate Director
Disability Resource Center-Access Technology Center
[email protected]

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