GameSim SE Core DVED Capabilities Briefing

SE Core DVED Capabilities
Andrew Tosh
[email protected]
407-688-0587 x100
GameSim Employees with DVED Experience
Ryan Binns
Andrew Tosh
Kevin Wertman
Richard Moreland
John Wade
Joe Armbruster
Justin Kovacich
GameSim DVED Projects
• Prior DVED Experience
• DVED Projects Performed
AVCATT CTDB Output Plug-in
LVCIA HITS OpenSceneGraph Output Plug-in
On Demand Dune Geometry Integration
SE Core Vector Thinning Culture Compiler Plug-in
SEE API Vector Clipping
• DVED Project Contributions
– On Demand Feature Integration
– VBS2 Output Plug-in
– JIEDDO Building Enhancements and Performance Analysis
• Related DVED Projects
– Raydon BARE Output Plug-in
Prior DVED Experience
Work performed by a GameSim engineer while at prior employment:
• Primary Maintainer of the SEE API Core Libraries/SDK
– Designed and developed several SEE API core libraries
• Core/Utilities
• Culture API
– Designed and developed SEE API 2.0+ legacy interface wrappers
• Supports the Rockwell-Collins EPM and Legacy OpenFlight Output
• Isolates critical plug-in development from the TerraVista native APIs
– Designed and maintained all SDK deliverable packages
• Primary SEE API Interface Control Document (ICD) Maintainer
Prior DVED Experience
Work performed by a GameSim engineer while at prior employment:
• Master Database (MDB) Schema and Tools
– Designed and developed MDB 4.0+ Schema
• Supports versioned, transacted, and EDM-validated
vector storage
– Designed and developed MDB GUI Tools
• Import/Export Tools
• Query Tool
• Vector Toolset
Prior DVED Experience
Work performed by a GameSim engineer while at prior employment:
• Developed semi-automated NGA-like map
production capability
– Created tools and procedures for automating laborintensive portions of the map production process
• Improved production efficiency of NGA-like TLM50/100
and JOG(A) products by 50% or more
• Greatly enhanced visual accuracy and realism of the map
Prior DVED Experience
• Other major DVED STDGC components
designed/maintained primarily by a GameSim
engineer while at prior employment:
– Environmental Data Model (EDM) API, Schema,
and Tools
– Several MTDGT ArcMap plug-ins
– DVED Source Code Repository/Installers (Primary
Prior DVED Experience
• Plug-ins written primarily by GameSim engineers while
at prior employment:
SEDRIS Formatter Output Plug-in
OneSAF Terrain Format Output Plug-in
CCTT Plan View Display Output Plug-in
CCTT Radio Database Output Plug-in
CCTT Environment Manager Output Plug-in
DVED Urban Clutter Culture Compiler Plug-in
ESRI Geodatabase Output Plug-in
Master Database (MDB) TerraVista User Interface Plug-ins
AVCATT Compact Terrain Database
(CTDB) Plug-in
GameSim created a new SE Core DVED
plug-in to produce CTDBs tailored for
the AVCATT program.
By using the DVED SEE API and
libctdb library, GameSim engineers
completed the software in less than 3
months. Since its release, the plugin
has required minimal maintenance.
LVCIA HITS OpenSceneGraph (OSG)
GameSim developed a new SE
Core DVED plug-in to produce
OpenSceneGraph databases
compliant with the LVCIA
HITS program’s S2Focus based
Capabilities included
• Pageable OSG database
• Transparent buildings for
On-Demand Dune Geometry
GameSim enhanced the SEE API with a feature
that provides on-demand dune integration.
This capability allows OneSAF to process dense
dune areas while not impacting visual system
All dune integration is done as a post process
during output plug-in execution and provided
seamless as scenegraph polygons to those plugins that require them.
DVED Vector Data Thinning
GameSim provided TerraVista with
a new culture compiler that thins
vector data.
Thinning dramatically reduces
scenegraph polygon counts, as
shown in the screenshots.
The vector data thinning plug-in
has become an essential part of all
production database builds.
DVED Vector Data Clipping
Due to implementation
deficiencies, GameSim replaced
TerraVista’s built-in vector clipping
GameSim’s clipping
implementation is available as a
SEE API method and is used by all
production SEE API plug-ins that
need clipped vector data.
Other DVED Contributions
• On Demand Feature Integration (ODFI)
– GameSim assisted the DVED ODFI team with performance enhancement
and memory management by isolating memory leaks and suggesting
more efficient algorithms.
• Virtual Battlespace 2 Output Compiler
– A GameSim engineer joined the VBS2 project team to help correct VBS2
plug-in performance and memory issues. Within 2 weeks, modifications
suggested by our engineer directly lead to a dramatic decrease in plug-in
execution time.
• JIEDDO Building Enhancements and Performance Analysis
– GameSim investigated the impact of high-detail building visual model
generation on runtime performance and database generation.
– GameSim performed an analysis of the CER scene graph to determine how
modifications to scenegraph polygon clustering algorithms would impact
EPX-50 performance.
Raydon BARE Database Plug-in
As a separately funded effort,
Raydon contracted GameSim to
build an SE Core DVED Plug-in to
produce BARE format databases.
GameSim produced a full BARE
plug-in from scratch that utilized
the SEE API with full seasonality
support, as shown to the right. The
plug-in can produce both summer
and winter databases during a
single execution.

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