Daniel 8
The Ram & He-Goat
Daniel 2
Daniel 7
Daniel 8
Lion (v. 4)
Bear (v. 5)
Ram (v. 1-4)
Leopard (v. 6)
He-Goat (v. 5-8)
Iron Teeth (v. 7-8)
The Ram & He-Goat
II. THE RAM (8:1-4)
A. Begins in Shushan (Palace of
Persian Kings) (8:2)
B. Two Horns, One Greater / Last
C. Came From
East (8:4)
The Ram & He-Goat
III. THE HE-GOAT (8:5-8)
A. Swiftly From West (8:5).
B. Notable Horn, Fury At Ram (8:5-7)
(Alexander The Great)
C. Horn Broken Into
Four (8:8) (323 BC
4 Generals)
Lysimachus (Thrace & Asia Minor)
Antipater (Macedonia & Greece)
Ptolemy (Egypt) (South)
Seleucus (Syria & Babylon) (North)
The Ram & He-Goat
III. THE HE-GOAT (8:5-8)
D. Little Horn - Antiochus IV (175-163 BC) (8:9-14)
1. Epiphanes (“The Illustrious”)
Epimanes (“The mad”)
2. Invaded Egypt in 170 BC, set up puppet king.
Invaded again 168 BC, Rome intervened.
3. As he returned through Judah, he conquered
Jerusalem; set his image in the temple;
offered swine on the altar; encouraged
Greek soldiers to fornicate there; forbade
circumcision, Sabbath, and scriptures.
The Ram & He-Goat
III. THE HE-GOAT (8:5-8)
D. Little Horn - Antiochus IV (175-163 BC) (8:9-14)
“...upon his return from Egypt, Antiochus IV organized
an expedition against Jerusalem, which he
destroyed; he put many of its inhabitants to death
most cruelly. He had soldiers enter the Jewish Temple
and slaughter a pig (which is impure by the Jewish
law) on the altar of the Lord. They set the pig ablaze
and then took the meat and tried to make some
Jewish men eat it. The men refused and he cut their
tongues out, scalped them, cut off their hands and
feet, and burnt them on the altar of the Lord.” (Wiki)
Also, altar to Zeus.
The Ram & He-Goat
III. THE HE-GOAT (8:5-8)
D. Little Horn - Antiochus IV (175-163 BC) (8:9-14)
4. Broken Without Hand (8:25b)
“After this, the Jews began a war of independence
under their Maccabean leaders, defeating the armies
that Antiochus sent against them. Enraged at this,
Antiochus is said to have marched against them in
person, threatening to exterminate the nation; but, on
the way, he suddenly died (164 BC). The Jewish
accounts are in the Books of the Maccabees.” (Wiki)
5. Temple Cleansed by Maccabean Revolt
(165 BC Hanukkah) (8:14)
6. WHEN? “End” of Grecian Rule (8:17, 19, 23, 26)
The Ram & He-Goat
A. God declares things before they happen!
(Isaiah 42:9; 46:9-10)
Predicted 550 BC (8:1), fulfilled 165 BC.
Predicted 385 years before it happened!
B. God’s Judgment (Dan. 8:12, 23, 24)
Now turn and “serve the living and true God; And
to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised
from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us
from the wrath to come.” (1 Thess. 1:9-10)!

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