Flat Stanley Flat Again

Flat Stanley
Flat Again
By: Owen E.
 Flat Stanley
 Mr. and Mrs. Lambchops
 Emma
 Ms. Weeks
 Dr. Dan
 Mr.Jones
 His brother Arthur
 The setting took place at a house and a
The Plot
Stanley got flat again.
They went to go see Dr. Dan to see if Stanley would
be flat forever.
Stanley became a wind shield to win the big race.
Stanley went back to school and a Photographer
took his picture. Stanley wasn’t feeling well about
being flat and they talked to him about his feelings
Plot Continued
 Emma got caught in a building. They went
to go ask Stanley for his help to get her out.
 Stanley went in the building to save Emma.
Stanley got her out of the building safe.
 Everybody clapped Stanley and Emma was
 The Lambchops had a great breakfast and
they took a photograph.
 It was a fun book because it had a great
ending with lots of action!

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