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The Rules of Engagement Have Changed
Investor Presentation Winter 2014
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Exploding Growth in Mobile
2013 Numbers
• Televisions – 1.4 Billion
• Computers – 1.22 billion
• Mobile phones – 6 Billion
• Smart phones – 1.2 Billion
2016 Estimates
• Televisions – 1.6 Billion
• Computers – 1.22 Billion
• Smart phones – 15 + Billion
Source: Cisco, MobiThinking, Wiki, World Watch
Who is Engage Mobility?
An emerging leader in mobile
engagement -- combining
disruptive Augmented
Reality technology,
proprietary cloud-based
mobile video delivery and big
data to create the
world’s most
effective customer
engagement system.
Mobile Engagement System
Why Engage?
• Market Opportunity
 $21 B to be spent on mobile ads by 2015
• Management Team
 Built revenues to $100 M in just a few years at prior company
• Mobile Engagement System™
 Disruptive product transforms economics of mobile marketing;
opens market to businesses of all sizes starting at $99/mo
• 40 M Consumer and Business Database
 Leveraging database to help businesses with customer
• Highly Scalable Business Model
 Fixed costs remain stable relative to revenue ramp
Massive Market Opportunity
• 5% of in-store purchases were influenced by
mobile in 2012, expected to grow to 20% by 2016
• This would amount to $628–$752 billion in mobileinfluenced store sales in 2016
Source Deloitte – Dawn of Mobile Influence
Mobile Advertising Trends
• Borrell Associates reports that
by 2016, 88% of all local online
advertising will be delivered on
a mobile device
• Gartner Group forecasts $21
billion will be spent on mobile
ads by 2015
• BIA/Kelsey forecasts that
location-based advertising will
grow at almost 50% annually to
$2.8 billion by 2015
Our Business:
The Mobile Engagement
Disruptive Product Transforms
Marketing for Businesses
• Augmented Reality for Businesses
• Cloud-based mobile video delivery
• Mobile Customer Relations
Management (CRM)
• Dynamic Data™ delivery system
• Integrated database of over 40
million consumers and businesses
Our Cloud Based Mobile CRM
Geo-Fencing, Loyalty, Rewards, Sharing and Full Analytics
Mobile + Cloud + Big Data + AR + Analytics
Engage Integrates Five Disruptive Technologies into One Solution
A Powerful Customer Engagement Tool
Geo-Fencing and Geo-Targeting
• Location-based advertising matches consumers with relevant products
• Hyper-local consumers targeted based on their proximity to a retail
location and demographic
• Shoppers using a smartphone are 14% more likely than nonsmartphone shoppers to convert in-store according to Deloitte study
• Engage sets up a virtual boundary in a real world area so businesses
can engage with consumers by delivering contextually relevant content
• Real time analytics track customer location and behavior, all in the
desired mobile environment
A Huge Database at our Fingertips
• Engage Mobility’s Proprietary Data
• More than 40 million consumers
and business
• Constant user acquisition improves
existing data pool
• More Data = Improved Targeting
• Rich data results in increased sale
conversion rates
• Meaningful conversations between
retailer and customer can lead to
product advocacy
Video: Engage Mobility App in Action
Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTY6Dnz5fQ
Engage AR App in Action
Engage Will Serve Diverse Market Verticals
Engage is delivering turnkey mobile marketing for diverse industries :
Financial Services
Brick & Mortar Retail
Digital Advertising
Security Services
Smart and Scalable Revenue
• User-based pricing model makes every
business a potential client
• No economic barriers to sale
• Clients pay Engage a monthly user fee
based on number of “engaged” customers
in their database; starting at $99/month
• User base grows exponentially as clients
create promotional offerings for customers
to engage through augmented reality
• Perpetually growing viral market
penetration for Engage, and a powerful big
data platform
• Engage can provide clients larger
customer acquisition programs, tailoring
packages to client needs
Engage Deploys Multiple Sales and Distribution Channels
National sales team will sell to large brands
Local sales reps in top media markets
Reseller Program: commission and reseller
program launched in February 2014
Trade Shows and Seminars: direct selling and lead
generation for telesales
Online: Display, video, pay per click, CPA and e• mail for direct sales and for lead generation
Channel Partners – ad agencies and media
Telesales – upselling TargetKast and other products
International Technology
• Engage Joint Venture Agreement with
Xinhua Ruide Network Technology
Company for the launch of the Engage
Mobile Engagement System in China.
• Xinhua Ruide is a subsidiary of Datang
Telecom, Technology and Industry
Group, Ltd., a Chinese state owned
company that is one of the largest
media companies in the world.
The Engage Team
Jim Byrd – CEO
Grew restaurant chain from 32 to over 100 units, eventually taking company public and delivering a return
of over 1400% to initial investors in just 3 years
Founded Fortune Financial Systems with partner Shane Hackett and grew sales from zero to over $100
million in annual sales within 2 years; Fortune went public in 1997, trading at a market cap of close to $500
million, and delivering a 1500% return to initial investors; Fortune was later sold to Success Magazine
Founded OE Source, an importer of automotive parts from Asia in 2004; grew OE Source from zero sales
to over $12 million in annual sales within 2 years
Shane Hackett – President
Co-founded Fortune Financial Systems and built it with Jim Byrd
Shane was one of the youngest owner/managers of radio stations and programming in the U.S.; he later
sold his stations and grew revenues for the Group of Companies to over $135 million in annual sales
Shane is a renowned media veteran and entrepreneur who has built and managed successful marketing
companies – MarketLeverage, WTIX Radio, KGU Radio, KTSS Radio, United Syndication Associates
Eric Fellows – Chief Operating Officer
Experienced financial and business analyst, customer acquisition expert, and multi-channel marketing and
advertising executive
Managed some of the largest online, email and website marketing platforms in the world, and has vast
experience in affiliate marketing; media planning; financial analysis; business planning; website ‘sales
funnel’ optimization for online lead and customer acquisition; lead generation; ecommerce; website search
engine optimization and online product launch management
Company Snapshot
Price (01/06/14): $2.73
52 Week Range: $0.80 - $3.19
Avg. Volume (90 day): 4,406
Shares Outstanding: 21 M
Market Cap: $57 M
State of Incorporation: Florida
 Went public by S-1 Registration; never a shell
 Blue Sky qualified, DTC eligible, Fully reporting
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