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2013 Employee Benefits Open Enrollment
November 19 – December 3, 2012
• Open Enrollment Basics
• Health Care Reform – How It Impacts You In 2013
• 2013 Employee Contribution Limits
• Salient Benefits
• Benefits Insurance Providers, Medical, Dental, Vision
• Disability
• How to Make Open Enrollment Elections
• Additional Salient Programs Offered
• Contacts/Questions
Open Enrollment Basics
• Open Enrollment begins
November 19 and ends
December 3
• Only time during the year you
can make changes unless you
have an IRS qualifying event
• Detailed information is being
mailed to your home address
• Your current Insurance elections
will automatically roll-over unless
you make a change, excluding
Flexible Spending Accounts
(Health-Care and Dependent
Care). You must re-enroll, if you
are interested in participating in
the FSA program in 2013.
• Changes must be made through
the NuView system.
• Forms, information and current
benefit elections are available via
Health Care Reform – How It Impacts You
In 2013
• The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires Salient to
make the following changes:
• Maximum limit on Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts capped at
$2,500, for 2013.
• 2012 W-2’s will display the value of your health insurance benefits.
• A mandatory Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) will be
distributed for Medical and Rx prior to 2013 Open Enrollment.
• Mandatory Legal Notices (e.g. Employee Notice of Exchange) will be sent
out by March 31, 2013.
2013 Employee Contribution Limits
Contribution Type
Annual Limit for 2013
401(k) Age 50+
$17,500 + $5,500 Catch-up
Healthcare Flexible Spending Account*
Limited Purpose Flexible Spending Account*
Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account*
Health Savings Account*: Participation in Wellness
Employee Only: $2,312.50
Family (2 or more): $4,575
Health Savings Account*:
Non-Participation in Wellness Program
Employee Only: $2,500
Family (2 or more): $4,950
*You must make your contribution election in NuView during Open Enrollment if you want to contribute to
any of these accounts.
Benefits Insurance Providers
Our Medical Plan Dares to Be Different
• Optimizes both employer and
employee costs today and into the
• Helps to mitigate medical cost
• Tax optimization
• Retiree health savings
Different Level of
Engagement is Required
Retiree Health – What’s Ahead for You?
How will you pay for medical
expenses in retirement?
• Continue to work?
• Medicare?
It’s never to early to begin
In Sickness
• Absolute out-of-pocket maximum
per year
• Drugs and medical expenses
• Health Savings Account to offset
deductible and coinsurance
• Best in class medical and Rx
• Freedom to choose network or nonnetwork providers
And In Health
• Superb insurance coverage at
affordable premium rates
• 100% preventive care benefit for
whole family
• Absolute yearly out-of-pocket
maximum costs
• Employer provider Health Savings
Account that is always yours –
now and into the future
CIGNA Consumer Driven Plan (CDHP)
Plan Option 1:
Higher Premium/Lower Deductible
Salient Contributions to HSA
Plan Option 2:
Lower Premium/Higher Deductible
– Employee Only: $187.50 quarterly funded (up
to $750)
– Employee + 1 or more: $375.00 quarterly
funded (up to $1500)
– Employee Only: $187.50 quarterly funded (up
to $750)
– Employee + 1 or more: $375.00 quarterly
funded (up to $1500)
Annual Deductible
– In-Network: Employee $1,500; Family $3,000
– Out-of-Network: Employee $3,000; Family
Coinsurance (You pay)
– In-Network: 10% (Plan pays 90%)
– Out-of-Network: 30% (Plan pays 70%)
Preventive Care covered at 100%
Preventive Prescription Drugs at 100%
No copayments, no office visit referrals
Administered: Cigna Choice Fund
Salient Contributions to HSA
Annual Deductible
– In-Network: Employee $2,000; Family $4,000
– Out-of-Network: Employee $4,000; Family
Coinsurance (You pay)
– In-Network: 10% (Plan pays 90%)
– Out-of-Network: 30% (Plan pays 70%)
Preventive Care covered at 100%
Preventive Prescription Drugs at 100%
No copayments, no office visit referrals
Administered: Cigna Choice Fund
Prescription Drug Coverage provided by Medco Rx
Be an Informed Consumer
• Provider and facility quality
• Generalist vs. specialist
• Condition management
• Consider generic drugs
• Use network provider
• Health coaches
• Mail order drugs for routine
• Estimate health care
• Obtain your preventive
• Find a provider
Health Savings Accounts
• Must not be covered under any
other health insurance plan
(spouse/partner, VA, Tricare,
COBRA, retiree plan, Medicare,
• Triple Tax Protected
• Portable
• Can be used for medical, Rx,
dental and vision expenses
• May be combined with a Limited
Purpose FSA for additional tax
HSA Qualified Expenses
What expenses can be paid by an HSA?
Your HSA covers a wide variety of medical expenses. These medical expenses must be necessary for the treatment or alleviation of a
specific illness or injury. They may include hospital or clinic services, prescription drugs and medications, certain over-the-counter drugs,
and many other health related expenses as defined by Section 213(d) of the Internal Revenue Code. Medical expenses covered under the
HSA can include expenses that are not covered under the high deductible health plan such as chiropractic, dental, orthodontia, or vision
expenses. For more information about eligible expenses, please consult Publication 502 available at your local IRS office or from the IRS
website: www.irs.qov.
Your HSA can also be used to pay premiums for COBRA, Medicare, long-term care insurance (federal limits apply), and health plan
coverage you may have while receiving unemployment compensation.
The following are examples of qualified medical expenses:
Alcoholism Treatment
Artificial Limbs/Teeth
Birth Control Pills
Blood Pressure Monitoring Devices
Blood Sugar Test Kit
Body Scan
Chelation (EDTA) Therapy
Contact Lenses/Related Material
Counseling (excludes marriage)
Dental Treatment
Diabetic Supplies
Diagnostic Services
Drug Treatment
Egg Donor Fees
Eye Exams/Glasses
Fertility Treatment
Flu Shots
Glucose Monitoring Devices
Guide Dog
Hearing Aids
Home Care
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hospital Services
Laboratory Fees
Laser Eye Surgery
Learning Disability
Medical Records Charge
Medical Services
Nursing Services
Obstetrical Expenses
Occlusal Guards
Organ Donors
Over-the-counter Drugs/Medicines
Ovulation Monitor
Physical Exams
Physical Therapy
Pregnancy Test
Prescription Drugs
Psychiatric Care
Reading Glasses
Screening Tests
Sleep Deprivation Treatment
Smoking Cessation Programs
Sterilization Procedures
Supplies for Medical Condition
Vision Correction Procedures
X-Ray Fees
Pharmacy: Express Scripts/Medco
• Prescriptions are part of the high deductible plan
• Preventive drugs are not subject to the deductible
• All other drugs are subject to deductible and out of pocket limits
• Very large national network of pharmacies
• Once deductible is met (e.g. $1,500 for employee only or $3,000 for family)
employee pays 20% of cost up to max. per below
Retail Prescription
Mail Order Prescription
Max of $30
Max of $75
Max of $60
Max of $150
Max of $100
Max of $250
Don’t Forget
• If you have two or more members covered on your medical plan, you
must satisfy the entire family deductible before Cigna begins to pay for
qualified expenses
• Prescription drugs are part of your high deductible plan. That means
that you have to satisfy your deductible before eligible drugs are paid
• Preventive care without a medical diagnosis is free and not subject to
the deductible
• Your contributions to your Health Savings Account may be changed
throughout the year. You may also front load your contributions
• You may be able to pay yourself back with your Health Savings Account
for expenses you had to pay for out of pocket before you accrued
sufficient funds in your account
TRICARE Supplement
• If you are enrolled in DEERS and TRICARE, you may elect to participate in
the TRICARE Supplement on a pre-tax basis
• Supplement provides coverage for out-of-pocket expenses associated
with TRICARE Prime or Standard or Extra coverage
• For more information please visit:
• You may supplement TRICARE through Salient’ s CIGNA high deductible
health plan
• No HSA, but can have a HRA (Health Reimbursement Account) with a
company contribution
• May elect to have a FSA to pay for additional medical, dental or vision
UCCI PPO Dental Plan
• Strong network for military and Federal Government locations
• Annual Deductible:
Individual $50
Family $150
• Preventive Services: 100% (included cleaning, exams, x-rays)
• Basic Services: 80%
• Major Services: 50%
• Orthodontia: 50%, up to lifetime maximum of $2,000
Vision Service Plan (VSP)
• Employee paid vision plan, offered through VSP
• Largest vision network in the nation
• Benefits from a VSP Participating Provider:
• Routine Vision Exams: $10 copay, every 12 months
• Lenses: $25 copay, every 12 months
• Frames: $25 copay, every 24 months
• Contact Lens (in lieu of frames and spectacle lenses): No copay, every
12 months
• Reimbursable benefits vary for non-participating providers
Note: VSP guarantees service from VSP doctors only. When you see a VSP
providers, you’ll get the most out of your benefit and have a lower out-ofpocket cost.
Benefit Accounts
Health-Savings Account
Limited Purpose Flexible
Spending Account (LFSA)
Health Care Flexible
Spending Account (HCFSA)
Health Reimbursement
Account (HRA)
Dependent Care Flexible
Spending Account (DCFSA)
ER Contributes: Wellness
Program Participants
OR Non-Wellness Program
Participants $750/$1,500
ER: No Contribution
ER: No Contribution
ER: No Contribution
100% EE contribution
100% EE contribution
ER: Reimburses expenses up
to $750/$1,500
EE: Doesn’t have an option to
$2,500.00 pre-tax limit
$2,500.00 pre-tax limit
$750/1,500.00 per the plan
$5,000.00 pre-tax
(current ATSC elections will
Rollover unused funds to the
next year/Portable
Use or lose/not portable
Use or lose/not portable
Rollover unused funds to the
next year/not portable
Use or lose/not portable
Can be used for medical,
dental and vision expenses
If enrolled in a HSA plan: used
for dental and vision expenses
Can be used for medical,
dental and vision expenses
Can be used for medical, dental
and vision expenses
After-school program
Enrolled in CIGNA (domestic)
w/no other coverage
Enrolled in company HSA
Not enrolled in company HSA
Enrolled in CIGNA (domestic)
w/additional health coverage
outside of Salient
100% EE contribution
EE Contributes
(optional): Wellness Program
Participants $2,312.50/$4,575
OR Non-Wellness Program
Participants $2,500/$4,950
ER Contributes: Wellness
Program Participants
OR Non-Wellness Program
Participants $750/$1,500
EE Contributes
(optional): Wellness Program
Participants $2,312.50/$4,575
OR Non-Wellness Program
Participants $2,500/$4,950
All of these accounts are subject to IRS rules and regulations. This chart is intended for summary purposes only.
MetLife Life and Disability Plans
• Basic Life insurance: 1 x Base Salary, up to $100k (Salient paid - Core Benefit)
• Basic AD&D insurance: 1 x Base Salary, up to $100k (Salient paid - Core Benefit)
• Supplemental Life insurance coverage: (100% Employee paid)
• Employee coverage of $160,000 Guarantee Issue; up to 5x your annual salary, up to
maximum of $500,000
• Spouse coverage of $25,000 and Child(ren) coverage of $10,000 Guarantee Issue (Note: Prior
approval by MetLife is needed for coverage above the guaranteed issue limits.)
• Voluntary Short-Term Disability (100% employee paid; post-tax)
• 60% of salary, capped at $2,500 weekly maximum benefit
• Core Long-Term Disability
(100% Salient paid- Core Benefit; post or pre-tax)
• 40% of salary; LTD coverage capped at $10,000 monthly maximum benefit
• No Action Needed! As a Salient employee, you are automatically covered under the core
LTD plan, provided you remain eligible for benefit.
• Buy-up Long-Term Disability (100% employee paid; post or pre-tax)
• Additional 20% of LTD coverage is available to you, total benefit of 60% of LTD coverage
How to Make Open Enrollment Elections
NuView Enrollment
• To make your Open Enrollment elections you will need to log into NuView
• You will be able to view/update the following:
• Update/review your home address and demographic information
• Add covered dependents, beneficiaries and emergency contacts
• Make your 2013 benefit elections
• Enroll in HealthCare and Dependent Care FSAs
• Enroll in Supplemental Life plan elections
• Make sure to print a copy of your 2013 benefit elections!
• Retain your copy as proof of enrollment.
Launching the Open Enrollment Wizard
• When you login to NuView you will see the Things To Do panel in the
middle of the Home Page. There you will find the Benefit Open Enrollment
link. This will launch the Wizard that will walk you through the enrollment
Address & Demographic Updates
• As part of the Open Enrollment Wizard you will be given the opportunity to
update your Address and Demographic information.
• Please note that these data items are not immediately updated in the
system. There is an HR approval process that takes place to update the
data so you will not see the updated information reflected until then.
Make Your 2013 Benefit Elections
• On the Benefit Election page you will see most of the benefits plans that
you are eligible to participate in. The Chosen flag will appear for those
plans that you are currently enrolled in as all elections will carry over with
the exception of the FSA HealthCare and Dependent Care plans as you must
re-elect those each year.
FSA Elections
• You must elect the benefit plan and then enter the annual goal on the next
page (Benefit Details) in the Wizard.
Supplemental Life Insurance Coverage
• If you enroll in or modify your current Supplemental Life Insurance plan(s) you
should check your coverage amounts to make sure they meet your needs as well as
make any updates to your beneficiaries.
• You must elect the benefit plan(s) and then enter the insurance coverage amount,
dependents covered and beneficiary elections on the next page (Benefit Details) in
the Wizard.
Work-Life Benefits
401(k) Diversified Investments
• Must be age 21 or older and meet the 30 day waiting period
• Participation begins on the first of the month following a 30-day waiting period
• TO ENROLL: Contact Diversified Investment at 800-755-5801 or enroll online at
Automatic Enrollment
• Automatically enrolled at a 3% contribution rate
Will automatically increase every January by 1% until 6% is reached
Funds are invested in one of our T. Rowe Price Target Date Funds
You can opt out of the automatic enrollment through logging into
Maximum Annual IRS 401k Contribution Limit
• $17,500
• $5,500 Catch-up Contribution (Employees who will reach age 50 before the end of the calendar end year and employees
over the age of 50)
Elective Deferral Amount (Pre-tax or Roth)
• 0% - 100% of pre-tax payroll deductions, up to IRA allowable annual amount
• 32 investment fund options to choose from
Employer Match
• $0.50 per $1.00, up to 6%
Administered: Diversified Investment Advisors
Building Your Retirement Account
• The convenience and automated
features offered by Salient’ s
401(k) plan make it easier for
you to save -- you may hardly
miss the additional savings going
toward your future
• By saving your own money, you
build a larger retirement
account, you receive the
company’s matching
contribution and you save
Federal, State and FICA taxes
WageWorks Commuter Benefits
• Pay for your commuting expenses with pre-tax contributions
• There’s no annual enrollment period, so you can enroll anytime!
• Change your contribution to your transit and/or parking account(s) on a
monthly basis.
• Unlike other pre-tax programs, no need to worry about spending your
account balance by the end of the year.
• No worries about forfeitures! Any leftover dollars are automatically
rolled over into the next plan year for your use.
• Qualified Commuting Expenses – tax free!
• Transit and vanpool expenses up to $125 per month ($1,500 per year)
• Qualified parking expenses up to $240 per month ($2,880 per year)
CIGNA Employee Assistance Program (EAP)Core Benefit
Provided by Salient at no additional cost to you
CIGNA EAP program is designed to help you find solutions for everyday
challenges of work and home, as well as for more serious issues involving your
emotional and physical well-being
• Personal Relationship Management
• Child/Eldercare Referrals
• Financial Planning Management
• Stress Management
• Career Management/Development
• Online Health Tools
• Legal Consultation with Licensed
To take advantage of this benefit, call 1.877.622.4327 or
Log on to and enter the Employer ID: Salient
Wellness Pays!
• Salient is committed to providing comprehensive, affordable benefits and
helping sustain and improve the overall health and well-being or you and
your family. Salient Wellness is designed to fit into your everyday schedule
and lifestyle.
Awards Per
Individual (Employee
or Spouse/Partner)
Level 1 1500 Points
Level 22500 Points
Level 33500 Points
1. Complete the Health
Risk Assessment
2.Annual Physical –
Health Wellness Slice
•HSA/HRA Contribution:
1. Satisfy goals from
Level 1
2. Selection from Health
Wellness Slice
3. At least one
additional participation
in other slices
•CIGNA Participants and
Non-CIGNA Participants:
$25 AMEX Gift or donate
the $25 to charity
1. Satisfy goals from
Level 1 and Level 2
2. Selection from
Health Wellness Slice
3. At least one
additional participation
in other slices
•CIGNA Participants and
Non-CIGNA Participants:
$25 AMEX Gift or donate
the $25 to charity
Participants: $25 AMEX
Gift Card or donate the
$25 to charity
Motivano Discounts
Effective: January 1, 2013
Motivano offers Salient employees access to exclusive discounts from thousands of top
• Apparel (e.g. Aeropostale, Banana Republic, Eddie Bauer, DSW, etc.)
• Beauty & Fragrance (e.g. Sephora, Elizabeth Arden, Walgreens, etc.)
• Computers & Electronics (e.g. Dell, Apple, TurboTax, Sony, etc.)
• Health & Wellness (e.g. Camping World, Gold’s Gym, GNC, WeightWatchers, etc.)
• Automotive (e.g. Advance Auto Parts, Avis Rental Cars, Liberty Mutual, etc.)
• Home, Garden, Pets (e.g. Pet Insurance, Home Insurance, Brookstone, Ace Hardware,
New discounts are added daily.
Allows you to save on everyday purchases.
Also offers live customer care support.
For more information please visit
Employee Leisure Discount Programs
Tickets-at-Work Discounts
• Employees can take advantage of discounts and special offers to popular
theme parks and entertainment attractions nationwide. Discounts are
available for Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios, SeaWorld, Six
Flags, Cirque du Soleil, Las Vegas and New York City performances,
movie tickets and much more!
• Company Code: Salient
Coming Soon in 2013!
• Early in 2013, Salient will introduce its
new Voluntary Benefits program
• Supplemental Term Life Insurance:
Proudly introducing our
new Benefits Partner
• Supplemental Accidental Death &
Dismemberment Insurance: MetLife
• Critical Illness Insurance: Unum
• Accident Insurance: Unum
*Pet, Home and Auto Insurance may
be purchased at a discounted rate via
Support for Open Enrollment
• Insurance Provider Support:
• Detailed questions regarding type of coverage or level of coverage may
be best directed to the insurance provider
• Refer to Insurer Contact information chart
• Salient Human Resources Support:
• Questions on how to enroll online
• Open Enrollment Hotline Number: 800-823-7290
• 7:00 A.M. EST to 7:00 P.M. PST
• E-mail: [email protected]
• NuView Support: [email protected]
Get Engaged
Webinar Link
OE Presentation
1 – 2 p.m. EST
OE Presentation
1 – 2 p.m. EST
OE Presentation
8 – 9 p.m. EST
OE Presentation
1 – 2 p.m. EST
Cigna Town Hall
1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
Cigna: Are You
Leaving Money on
the Table
1:30 – 2:30 p.m.
Instruction for calling into sessions: Dial 1-866-8662244; Participant Code 7186308#
Slides will be available to download at least 24 hours
prior to the presentation –
Bottom Line
Must Do:
Should Do:
• Read your Open Enrollment
materials thoroughly
• Review your medical and Rx
expenses and determine if
you need to change your
HSA contribution
• If you want a Healthcare or
Dependent Flexible
Spending Account, you
must make your election
during Open Enrollment
• Review covered dependents
and update enrollment
Vendor Contact Information
Insurance Provider
Web Address
Medical – CIGNA Healthcare
Rx – Express Scripts/Medco
Dental – United Concordia (UCCI)
Vision – VSP
Tricare Supplement – ASI
Corporation (administrator)
FSA Accounts – WageWorks
401(k) – Diversified Investment

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