What is
the TBOC?
Enables Army Training Brain Enterprise
• The Training Brain Builds, validates, creates,
maintains, and delivers operational environment (OE)
context for leader development, education and unit
training, as well as capability and concept
development efforts
Transforms Real-World Data
• Integrates data into exercise scenarios at Home
Station Training, Centers of Excellence and Combat
Training Centers
Tailors Exercise Design and Support
• OE tailored to unit’s mission, capabilities, and
training objectives
• Accurate portrayals of OE networks, personalities,
and relationships
Provides Enriched Staff Training
Attack the Network Training Program
Advanced Network Analysis and Targeting (ANAT)
ISR Topoff Training
Data Mining and Integration Course
Produces Modeling, Simulation and Gaming
• Visualizations, gaming scenarios, correlated terrain,
and 3-D models based on OE data
• Smartphone applications
• Multiplayer online trainer, EDGE
Weapons Zero
Zero military weapons with iron sights as well as scopes.
• Based on input to replicate shot groups on a zeroing target.
• The weapons now included in this app are: M16, M4, M249.
• The scopes included in this app are: ACOG and M68 Reflex scope.
Based on latest HMMWV technical manual.
• Walks through Before, During, After, Weekly, and Monthly checks.
• Record and store faults while completing the PMCS process.
• Review any previous PMCS done on a vehicle using the same device.
Platoon Leaders Notebook
Track all important information a Platoon Leader would need daily on their soldiers.
• Build platoon alert roster with one touch calling of squad leaders.
• Populates built in calendar with automatic reminders about soldier qualifications.
• Administer personal fitness testing.
What’s The Future for
TBOC Smart Phone Apps
Interface With Existing Military
Digital Training
Data Transfer:
• PT and Marksmanship Records
• Personal Vitals (height, weight, etc)
• Rank
• Scheduled Training
• Contact Information
Data Transfer:
• Vehicle Faults (Before/During /After)
• Scheduled Maintenance
• Status of Parts Ordered
• Status of Vehicle Repair
The Army
System (TAMMS)
Tablets as Simulation Controllers
• Emulate military equipment on tablet
• Tablet sends information to larger software program such as
• Provides tactile interaction with equipment
• Reinforces learning with equipment, if improperly used on tablet
your equipment will not function in game world
EDGE Lite on Tablets or Phone devices
• Squad based tactics on Wi-Fi phones run in a trimmed down
version of Edge
• Small scale leader engagements on tablet
• Enables players without dedicated PC, on travel, or TDY to still
engage in Edge
• Multiplayer on the go
• NETCOM security requirements
• Government vs. Personal Ownership
• Privacy concerns
• Platform issues (IOS vs. Android vs. Blackberry)
Points of Contact
Don Fry
(757) 223-9592
[email protected]
TBOC SIMS Deputy Task Lead
Jeff Bittel
(757) 223-6501
[email protected]

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