Chapter 7: Your Turn

Chapter 7: Your Turn
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FIGURE 7-1 Overall view of the scene
from the street.
FIGURE 7-2 Midrange view of the
FIGURE 7-3 Door handle of the truck in
the driveway.
FIGURE 7-4 Midrange view
of the truck interior.
FIGURE 7-5 Garage door opener on
the truck’s sun visor.
FIGURE 7-6 The perpetrator had moved the
motorcycle across the threshold of the garage.
FIGURE 7-7 Close-up view of
motorcycle controls.
FIGURE 7-8 View of garage from the
kitchen door.
FIGURE 7-9 View from
inside the kitchen door.
FIGURE 7-10 Center
doorframe where bullet
fragments were located.
FIGURE 7-11 Bullet
fragments embedded in
the doorframe.
FIGURE 7-12 View from the
opposite corner of the garage
shows motorcycle and truck.
FIGURE 7-13 View from
motorcycle to kitchen
FIGURE 7-14 Overall view from
opposite corner of garage.
FIGURE 7-15 The Harley-Davidson
Electra Glide Classic.
FIGURE 7-16 Blank crime scene sketch.

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