Life Science online SLO Assessment Click on the course that you want to assess, e.g.

Life Science online SLO Assessment
Click on the course that you want to assess, e.g. Anthro 101
NOTE: You may have OLD SLOs that are to be archived. DO
NOT select them!!!
From the NEW SLOs select the one that you want to assess!
If you are assessing multiple SLOs (e.g. SLO1 and 2 at the same time),
please mark them on this page otherwise you will be required to enter
them individually!!!
Fill in the method description:
Select the current semester & section & sample size (entire class)
Select Bio3 Lab Exam Fall 2013 – it turns orange once selected – OR create a
new rubric (if you don’t know how do it, ask Par!)
Save & Go to assessments
Click on the appropriate boxes (e.g. if the student received 14 points for problem #2, click
on the box and the area will be highlighted as shown below). Then click on “Submit
Wait a few seconds to see this screen! Then continue assessing the next students!
After the last student is assessed click on “Show Scored Rubric”!
Based on the scores here, analyze your assessment!
If the scores are below 70%, please explain what will you be changing next semester to
improve the scores. Also, always review the previous SLO assessments and discuss any
changes based on the modifications.
Important: When analyzing your results please make sure that you present areas of
improvement and make recommendations (e.g. in my physiology course, using my own
rubric to assess presentation skills of the students, I found out that the score for
“research skills” was 68%. My recommendation was to collaborate with the librarian to
offer workshops starting next semester. I am expecting that the scores will increase over
70% due to workshops). Your report will be based on your scores and
recommendations. Also, make a reference to your previous assessment!
After answering all questions including your recommendations in the areas of
improvement click on “Submit Assessment”! If you want to review your report later,
Click on “Save &Continue later” and submit later.
Congratulations! Your assessment is submitted and posted online. Thank you!

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