the student association budget training workshop

Please sign in at the front of the room
• SA Treasurer: Ivan Garcia
• SA Accountant: Marzena Szmydt
• SA Advisor: Jill Zambito
Reason you are here:
– obtain a better understanding of the SA Finance Policy
– submit a properly prepared budget request for next year
Budget Process
In a nutshell…
Complete forms on the Flash
Submit the Flash drive to SA
office by Monday, October
Wait for SA to email your org
to set up a budget
presentation date.
Budget Presentations.
Sub-Committees & Senate
•Any Organization that has been officially recognized by
the SA Senate for at least 2 calendar years as of the date
budget requests are due.
•If organization is inactive for 1 year or more, they must go
through the recognition process all over again in order to
be eligible for funding.
•Organization must attend at least one Budget Workshop
Presentation to be eligible for funding.
Flash Drives
• General Timeline for the
Budget Process
• Annual Budget Application
• Organizational
• “List of Officers” page
• Budget Checklist
• Budget Proposal Form
• SA Finance Policy
• Budget Workshop
• Sample Budget Packet
• Annual Budget Application- This document
provides us with some brief information about
your organization.
• “List of Officers” Form- This gives us a way to
contact your officers if need be.
• Organizational Questionnaire- Provides us with
information about your organization’s funding,
collaboration methods, and operations.
• Budget Checklist- Ensures that you have
completed all the necessary documents on the
flash drive.
• Budget Proposal Form- This form is the actual
budget which will include the total amount of
funding you are requesting.
• The budget form will also detail each individual line
item you are requesting funds for and an estimate
of how much it will cost.
• Form is broken up by events. You will fill out each
expense for specific events and their estimated
• There will also be a section for expenses that are not
for a specific event.
Flash Drives
• This flash drive is what you will
submit your budget packet
on. Please plug the flash drive
into a computer and fill out all
of the necessary forms on the
flash drive. It is not necessary
to print out these forms.
• The flash drive with all
completed forms on it is what
you will be submitting to the
SA office by no later than
Monday, October 14th by
•Submitted to Campus Life
Building 180 (Student Association
•Budgets are due Monday,
October 14th between the hours
of 8:00am and 3:30pm (5%
penalty taken off the actual
allocation for each day late).
•Budgets must be turned in on the
flash drive that your group is given
at this workshop.
*You must receive a receipt when
your organization turns in a
budget request
Budget Presentations
• Once your flash drive is correctly filled out and is submitted to
the SA Office, your organization will be emailed about
scheduling your presentation. You can either come into the
Student Association office in person to schedule your meeting,
or you can call Mindy Venners to schedule it. (815-753-0486)
• Your organization must present your budget at the date and
time you sign up for. Missing your presentation time without
prior notice will result in a loss of your organization’s eligibility
for funding.
• At your presentation, you will have 15 minutes to explain your
budget proposal and why you are requesting funds. There will
also be 5 minutes for questions and answers from the finance
sub-committee .
• Your organization will be assigned a finance sub-committee
after budget proposals are submitted to the SA office.
5 Finance Sub-Committees
1)University Services
2)Sports and Recreation
3)Greek and Cultural
4)Academic and Professional
5)General Programming and Activities
• Presentations for “University Services” and “Academic and
Professional” organizations will be in the Fall semester.
• Presentations for the “Greek and Cultural” as well as “General
Programming and Activities” organizations will be in the Spring
• “Sports and Recreation” clubs will by contacted by the
Recreational Services budget committee to present.
• The first step spending your money is to have your
expenditure form approved by Ivan.
• If your organization is planning to purchase t-shirts, hats
or other promotional items, you will have to provide at
least two quotes to compare prices. The items may be
ordered on line.
• If the vendor does not accept credit card payments but
will accept purchase orders, then you will have to ask for
a copy of a W-9 form from the vendor.
• If your organization is planning to attend a retreat or a
conference, the registration can be paid on line when
applicable, using NIU’s purchasing card.
• If you need to purchase food for
your event, you may contact
Marzena Szmydt in SILD at 753-5204,
and schedule an appointment to
discuss the details. When you go to
purchase the items, she will meet
you at the checkout to pay for the
purchase. Please be aware that we
can only pay for Pepsi products due
to our university contract with Pepsi.
To comply with NIU accounting
office regulations, for any event
where food is purchased or
catered, you will need to provide
the business purpose of the event
and the list of attendees.
• If you would like to cater food for your event and
the restaurant will accept a purchase order (we
cannot use our purchasing credit cards to pay to
restaurants), then we will need a quote and a W-9
form from the restaurant. For any event where food
is purchased or catered, you will need to provide
the business purpose of the event and the list of
• For conference hotels, we will need a price quote
and a W-9 for hotels that accept purchase orders
OR a price quote and a credit card authorization
for hotels that do not accept purchase orders.
• If you would like to know the balance of your SA
funded organization, you can contact Marzena
Szmydt who will provide you with a copy of a
financial report.
• Since there are no rollovers available for student
organizations’ unspent money you have to make
your purchases before July 1 2014. Please be aware
that it can take up to three weeks to process the
• Your organization’s budget
must be submitted on the
flash drive you receive
tonight. Budgets submitted
on previous year’s
documents or in any other
format WILL NOT BE
• Budgets will be due to the SA
office Monday, October 14th
between the hours of 8:00am
and 3:30pm.
Ivan Garcia
[email protected]
Marzena Szmydt
[email protected]

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