Influencer Chemistry Program Presentation

Chemistry Program
Program Chair
Dr. Pushpa Padmanabhan 483-1854 [email protected]
Full Time faculty Members:
Dr. Steve Carlson
Dr. Magnus Campbell 267-5992
Dr. Bruce Farris
Ms. Coretta Fernandes 483-1895
Dr. Ruyi Qi
15 adjunct faculty
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
Courses in Chemistry for STEM Majors
• Course sequence
General chem I lecture/Lab
(Offered face to face and hybrid)
General chem II lecture/Lab
Honors Option in General Chem
Oragnic chem I
Organic Chem II
Organic lab
• General Chem I lecture/lab are usually the prerequisites
for all STEM majors
• All courses transfer well to four year colleges
Dedicated lab and lecture Rooms
• Three rooms dedicated for chemistry lecture
– Equipped to do demonstrations during lecture
• Three laboratory class rooms
Instructional Method and Support
• Small class size
• Collaborative learning and peer instruction
• One on one help from instructors
• Supplemental instruction
• Tutor services in learning commons
Chemistry Program Website

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