*Insomnia and dreamy sleep, sometimes
kept awake the whole night, edgy and
irritable, slight dizziness and heavy
head, red eyes and tinnitus, dry and
bitter mouth, poor appetite,
constipation and yellowish urine, red
tongue and yellow coating , wiry and
speedy pulse.
*Difficulty sleeping, dreamy sleep and easily
awaken, palpitation and forgetful, reduced
appetite and fatigue, sometimes felt dizzy
and blurred vision, tired limbs, bloated
abdomen and loose stools, pale facial
complexion, pale tongue with thin white
coating, weak pulse.
Male, 38, have been doing dark-room
photofinishing job for more than 20 years.
Often stayed up all night and only slept after
midnight. Experienced dry eyes and tinnitus on
the right ear during the last 1 year. Often felt
dizzy, insomnia and easily awaken. Lassitude.
Wiry pulse and normal tongue color and coating.
*Dry and hard stools, flushed face,
irritable and scanty sleep, tidal
fever and night sweating, weak and
sore lower back, red tongue with
scanty coating, thready fine pulse.
*Difficult defecation but stool’s texture
normal, forcing it out would feel short
breath and perspiring. Felt tired after
defecation. Pale facial complexion and
look fatigue. Weak limbs and dislike
talking. Pale white tongue with white
coating, weak pulse.
*Abdomen stabbing and prickling pain at fixed
painful spots. Pain worsen after pressing and
in the middle of the night. Occasional
hematemesis and dark color stool, purple
tongue coating and tense pulse.
*Dry cough, scanty and sticky white
sputum, or cough out bloody sputum, or
hoarse voice, dry throat and dry mouth;
or tidal fever, red cheek, night
sweating, red tongue with no or scanty
coating, thready and fine pulse.
*Frequent cough, flushed face when coughing,
bitter taste and dry throat; often felt sputum
stuck in the throat but unable to expectorate;
stuffiness of hypochundrium, painful when
coughing. Symptoms improved when emotionally
relaxed. Red tongue especially along the edge of
the tongue; scanty yellow coating and
insufficient moist. Wiry and speedy pulse.
*Coughing for sometime, loud voice and abundant
sputum. Felt better after expectoration of
sputum; sticky, thick and greasy sputum; white
color or grey color sputum, expectorate more
visibly in the morning or after food and
consumption of sweet and oily foodstuff. Chest
distension, bloated stomach, nausea, reduced
appetite and physically tired, loose stools, white
and thick tongue coating, slippery pulse.
*Dizzy and tinnitus, headache, painful
eyes, bitter mouth, insomnia and dreamy
sleep, symptoms worsen when exhausted
or irritated, flushed face, easily irritated,
numb or shivering limbs, red tongue with
yellow coating, wiry or speedy pulse.
*Dizzy worsen when moving started,
physical exhaustion would induce dizziness,
pale facial complexion, lassitude, dislike
talking, pale lips and nails, dry hair,
palpitation and insomnia, poor appetite
and bloated abdomen, pale white tongue
with thin white coating, weak pulse.
Chronic dizzy, low essence and spirit, soreness
of limbs and lumbar, insomnia and dreamy
sleep, poor memory, dry eyes and reduced
vision, or seminal emission, or tinnitus and
shaking teeth, or flushed cheeks and dry
mouth, felt heat around chest, palms and
sores, red tongue with no or scanty coating,
thready and speedy pulse.
*Diarrhea with watery stools, bloated
abdomen and poor appetite, or
abdominal pain and borborygums,
and sore limbs, white tongue with
sticky white coating, slow and
slippery pulse.
*Started with puffy eyes, followed by
acute edema over limbs and body,
aversion to cold, sore and heavy
joints, difficulty in urination. Pale
white tongue with think white tongue
coating, floating and slippery pulse.
*Chronic edema, symptoms especially acute
below the lumbar, slow to recover after
pressing, bloated abdomen, poor appetite
and loose stools, pale facial complexion,
lassitude and weak limbs, scanty urine,
white tongue with thick white stick or white
slippery pulse.
*Suspicious of things and people, dizziness
and lassitude, palpitation, insomnia and
poor memory, poor appetite, pale facial
complexion, pale white tongue with thin
white coating, thready pulse.
*Difficulty to sleep, or staying awake the
whole night, irritable and easily
angered, dizziness and heavy head,
blood-shot eyes and tinnitus, dry and
bitter mouth, poor appetite,
constipation and dark urine, red tongue
and yellow coating, wiry pulse.
*Eat incessantly, easily hungry, obese,
bloated abdomen, red and moist facial
complexion, irritable and dizzy, dry and
bitter mouth, heartburn symptoms
improved after food, red tongue and
thick yellow coating, slippery pulse.
*Obese, bloated face, prefer to lie down
and lassitude, short breath, loose stools,
simultaneous sweating, worsen after
moving, aversion to cold and cold limbs,
edema seen in lower limbs, less urination
in the day and more frequent at night,
enlarged pale tongue and thin white
coating, deep pulse.
*Severe aversion to cold, mild fever, absence of
perspiration, headache, ache limbs, block nose
or itchy nose and sneeze, watery nasal
discharge regularly, itchy throat and cough,
cough clear white sputum, not thirsty or prefer
hot drinks. Thin white and moist tongue
coating, floating or floating tight pulse.
*Visible hot body, slight aversion to wind,
unsmooth perspiration, heavy head,
flushed face, coughing of sticky or yellow
sputum, dry throat, blocked nose, sticky
and yellow nasal discharge, desire to drink,
thin white or slight yellow tongue coating,
edge of the tongue or tip of the tongue is
red, rapid and floating pulse.
*Severe aversion to cold, mild fever without
perspiration, headache and ache body, cough,
white sputum and having difficulty to cough it
out, usually felt lassitude and weak, short
breadth and dislike to talk, vulnerable to
contract cold, pale white tongue and white
coating, floating and weak pulse.
*Feverish body, slight aversion to wind, absence of
perspiration, heavy or ache body, heavy or dizzy head,
cough sticky sputum and sticky nasal discharge, chest
distension and thirsty, or felt sticky in the mouth but
dislike drinking, bloated abdomen, nausea, or loose
stools, yellowish urine, thin yellow and sticky tongue
coating, rapid and slippery pulse.
*Warm body, slight aversion to wind and cold
and slight perspiration, dizzy and irritable,
dry mouth, cough and scanty sputum, red
tongue with scanty coating, thready and
rapid pulse.
*Loud cough, itchy throat, white and
watery sputum, often accompanied
with blocked nose, watery nasal
discharge, headache and ache body,
pale white tongue with thin white
coating, floating or floating tense
*Frequent and loud cough, dry and sore throat,
unsmooth coughing of sputum, sticky or yellowish
sputum, perspiring when coughing, or accompanied
with blocked nose, yellowish nasal discharge, thirsty,
headache and body ache, red tongue with thin yellow
tongue coating, floating, rapid pulse.
* Felt abdomen burning pain more than 2
years, dry mouth and extremely thirsty,
desire cold drinks, yellow urine and dry
stool, thick, red tongue with yellow and
dry tongue coating, rapid pulse.
*Increased frequency of urination the last 3
weeks,1-2 times during day time and 5-6 times at
night. No major changes of urine volume. Skinny
and lassitude and felt sinking sensation around
lower abdomen area. Pale enlarged tooth-mark
tongue with thin white coating, thready pulse.
*Insomnia and dreamy sleeps for years, easily awaken.
Unable to sleep without taking sleeping pills and tendency
of increased dosage. Insomnia worsen two months ago.
Failed to sleep the whole night and consumption of TCM
herbs and sleeping pills failed to improve the symptoms.
Red tongue with thick, greasy yellow coating, slippery and
rapid pulse.
*40 year-old male accompanied by family. Patient claimed
forehead felt an overwhelming weight pressing against it.
Drowsy and sleepy. No appetite. Occasional unclear
conscious. According to the family, patient fell ill as a
consequence of failing to receive positive work
performance appraisal. Normal tongue color, coating and
* Patient lost her father a year ago and couldn't cope with the
loss. Life and work problems worsen her depressed state.
Started to fell dizzy and headache 2 months ago. Insomnia and
dreamy sleep. Irritable and angered easily. Suddenly became
insane and mania one moth ago after praying for her father’s
anniversary. Incoherent speech, doesn’t stop crying and
restlessness. When she calmed down, felt dizzy and heavy
head, chest distension, sigh often, frightened of hearing
human’s voice, prefer cold drink, dry stools and move her
bowels once a few days. Yellow urine. Crimson tongue with
thick yellow coating, rapid and slippery pulse.
*Whole body edema
and abdominal dropsy for 6 years.
Yellow and dark facial complexion, scanty urine and
loose stool. No appetite, coughing and panting,
watery clear sputum, occasional nausea. White tongue
with thick white slippery coating, deep and thready
*Female, 32, fell ill after
mother’s death.
Perturbed, dizzy, insomnia, chest distension, low
fever in the afternoon and symptoms would
relieve after touching cold objects. No appetite,
bitter mouth, regular sighing, irregular
menstruation, hypomenorrhea with purple color
and blood clot. Red tongue with scanty coating
and wiry pulse.
*Male, 42, married. Had medical history of emission and
premature ejaculation. Impotence the last half year and
absence of sexual desire. Atrophy of scrotum. Cold pain
around the lumbar area and soft, weak lower limbs.
Lassitude and no appetite. Pale and green facial
complexion, cold limbs and severe aversion to cold. Pale
white tongue and white coating with deep, slow pulse.
*Male, 52. often felt bloated abdomen and chest
distension. Frequently sighed. Insomnia and dreamy
sleep. The last 10 days felt nausea and dizzy. Normal
appetite and urine, feces. Dark tongue and thick yellow
tongue coating. Wiry and slipper pulse.
*Female, 40 with medical history of hypertension for 4
years and worsened the last two months. Dizzy often,
flushed face and dry mouth. Unable to walk steadily.
Constipation, insomnia and dreamy sleep. Red tongue
with thin white coating. Wiry and thready, rapid
*Male, 40. had a medical history of
spermatorrhea and involuntary emission. Both
ears hard to hear suddenly, lassitude, poor
appetite, dreamy sleep, weak limbs. Pale tongue
with thin white coating, slow pulse.
* Female, 28. Just 9 days after giving birth.
Started to have difficulty in urination. Have to
exert full strength before passing urine.
Lumbar pain and bloated abdomen. Dry stools
and unable to sleep well. White tongue with
thick sticky coating, slippery and weak pulse.
* Male 28. suffer from bloated and painful
abdomen for 2 years. Symptoms worsen lately.
Dry mouth and craving for cold drinks. Yellow
urine and dry stools. Yellow tongue with thick
yellow coating, wiry and rapid pulse.
* Male 31. Prefers cold tea and cold drinks.
Chest distention and coughing white sputum
for one month. Tastelessness and poor
appetite. Painful abdomen. Pale tongue with
white and sticky coating, thready slippery

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