Online Consumers Review - European Consumer Summit 2014

AFNOR NF Z74-501 – "Online
Consumer Reviews
Principles and requirements for collection, moderation & display
« France adopts a standard
enabling reliable processing of
online consumer reviews »
CE – Brussels, April 1st
Why a standard for online consumers reviews?
 Prevent abuse
 Increase consumer confidence
 Improve the image of
companies that use a code of
ethics (i.e meeting criteria of
the Standard)
 Contribute to the reputation of
 Provide a reliable source of
information to help improving
the quality of products and
 A standard to
 Highlight the actions of key
players to provide a
 Support a voluntary
approach versus regulatory
 Induce a virtuous approach
 Address principles and
requirements relating to
the collection, moderation
& display processes
AFNOR NF Z74-501 - Content
The reliability is based on the respect of differents steps in the process :
● 1. Collection
Obtain consumer reviews in an objective and verifiable way. The user can express his opinion on a
personal consumer experience.
● 2. Moderation
Ensure compliance of the collected content with French legislation and with the site's General Terms
of Use regarding publishing, rejecting or removing content.
● 3. Display
Restore consumer reviews (display, classification, sorting, aggregation, etc.) after their collection and
How will the standard be used?
 Any administrator of a website is free to choose to make its website compliant
with the voluntary standard NF Z74-501 requirements.
 Administrators also have the possibility to state themselves compliant with the
standard (no external audit is led); in that case the administrator of the website
commits himself to the guarantee that he will provide the proof of compliance if
challenged by an authority agency.
 Website may also wish to prove its stakeholders (customers, internet users,
sponsors) greater trustability; in that case an independent certification body will
verify and certify compliance.
 AFNOR has made a proposal to create a new ISO Technical Commitee for
« Online Reputation » that will include this standard as a first project
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« Thank you for your attention »
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Sylvie Arbouy/ 01 41 87 74 / [email protected]

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