Utah Section Sept. 10, 2009 Ron Thue, Chair [email protected] 801-717-7537 12 August 2009 Agenda - Future Meetings - Public Policy (Concern about the future of manned space.

Utah Section
Sept. 10, 2009
Ron Thue, Chair
[email protected]
12 August 2009
- Future Meetings
- Public Policy (Concern about the future of manned space flight)
- Educational Outreach
- AIAA Member Employment and how we can help
- Interaction with Student AIAA Sections (USU, UofU, BYU, WSU)
- Candidates for the AIAA Engineer of the Year, and
Engineering Educator of the year and fresh faces
- Altair Lunar Lander Presentation – Ian Simpson, ATK Clearfield
Proposed Calendar (2009-2010)
Generally meet 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:30pm, location varies
– 18 Aug – Dr. David Widauf – Wright Flyer Recreation Lunch &
Learn at HAFB (11:30 to 12:30 in Base Auditorium)
– 13 Aug – Business Meeting – Mimi’s in Layton
– 10 Sep – ATK Altair Lunar Lander Presentation – Ian Simpson
– 22 Oct – Dave Riemer (VP Engineering ATK Promontory) Presentation
(joint with other UEC members) – at the U of U
– 12 Nov –
– 10 Dec – USU Student Presentation (Tony Whitmore) at USU
– 14 Jan –
– 22 Feb – Utah Engineering Council Event
– 11 Mar -– 8 Apr -– 13 May –
– June – End of Year Report
2009-2010 Officers
Section Chair
Vice Chair
Honors and Awards
Past Chair
Past Chair
Past Chair
Career Enhancement
Young Professionals
Public Policy
At Large
RAC Reps
Ron Thue
Ron Reed
Mark Sultan
Mark Snaufer
John Barainca
Charley Poe
Jim Thatcher
Charlie Vono
Charlie Vono
Donald Sandberg
Stephannie Mecham
Katherine Thomas
Orest Gogosha
John Armstrong
Charlie Vono, Ron Reed
Altair Engineering
Northrup Grumman
ATK Launch Systems
Brighton HS
Semi-Retired Nice Guy
Northrup Grumman
Northrup Grumman
Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman
Weber State Univ.
AIAA Mission
Advance the state of
aerospace science, engineering, and technological
AIAA’s individual members
Member institutions
The world’s forum for aerospace leadership
Utah Section 2009-10 Goals
Meet once a month to conduct business, listen to guest speaker, review student
projects, or etc.
Two meetings with guest speakers where other associations are invited
Ensure Student Chapter projects are supported (UofU, USU, BYU, WSU)
Support Rice-Eccles and BYU Science Fairs
Expand Student Chapters to UVU
Support Student Chapters (invite to meetings, provide speakers, provide funding)
Outreach to Middle Schools
Educator associates ($200 grants, teacher awards, 3 day teacher workshops in CT)
Sign up teachers as AIAA members
Find Employment Opportunities for Unemployed AIAA Members
Submit for Awards
Other Ideas
AIAA Money Categories
• Category I - Section Rebate Allocations
– Cat I Rebates are distributed in October upon review and approval
of the Annual Report and Audit and Budget by the Regional
– Cat I Money = $7.50 per member + $2.50 per NEA
• Category II - Section Awards
• Category III - Regional Director Funds
– Each Regional Director has Cat III money
• Amount depends on membership size of Region
– Section Chair can request money using Cat III Rebate Form in the
Officer Manual
• Submit to Regional Director for consideration; RAC votes to approve
– All funds are “use or lose” at end of fiscal year (30 September)
• Category IV - Vice President Member Services Funds
• Category V - Start-up Money for Prospective Sections
2009-10 Budget
Need to raise $2000 to meet budget
Fund raisers?
Direct AIAA Cat III funds to Universities
Direct AIAA resources to Utah Middle Schools
Not a lot of money to disburse to Students

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