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A Semantic Trilogy
4th International Conf. on Biomedical Ontology ICBO 2013
9th Data Integration in Life Science DILS 2013
4th Canadian Semantic Web Conference CSWS 2013
July 2013 at Concordia University in Montreal, Qc, Canada
Greg Butler
Professor in Computer Science at Concordia
University, Montreal
Chris Baker
Professor and Innovatia Research Chair
at the University of New Brunswick
Michel Dumontier
Associate Professor in Biology, Biochemistry
and Computer Science at Carleton University,
Concordia University
Young innovative
university on two
Loyola campus
Downtown campus
Genomics Building
DB Clarke theatre (Capacity 350+)
One of the best cities in world !
Bilingual North American city with European charm.
Vibrant Culture, History, Arts, Food, Summer Festivals.
High-tech hub: IT, biotech, aerospace, entertainment.
Many universities 4+, students 100,000+, researchers.
Inexpensive Lifestyle.
Well-connected for travel.
Old and New
Easy to get around
The week before the Trilogy
Spectacular Free Concerts at the Jazz Festival in July
The week after the Triology,
an internationally renowned
Comedy festival.
Al fresco Lifestyle – Patio Dining – Quartier Latin
Gourmet Food
A Semantic Trilogy of Ontology,
Semantic Web, Data Integration for
the Life Sciences
Research, Systems and Updates
• DILS 2013 (2 days)
– Data Integration in the Life Sciences
• ICBO 2013 (2 days)
– International Conf. on Biomedical Ontologies
• CSWS 2013 (1 day)
– Canadian Semantic Web Symposium
• Tutorials, Workshops & Hackathon (2 days)
• Young Researcher Day
July 2013 at Concordia University in
Montreal, Qc, Canada.
See you there!

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