Departmental Deposit Slip - Office of Treasury Services

Fall 2013
Table of Contents
 Overview
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 Deposit Slip Template Introduction
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 Preparing the Deposit & Deposit Slip
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 Preparing the Deposit Bag if one is needed
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 Contacts
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One Time Only Procedures
Receive ND departmental deposit slip from Treasury Services with predetermined Dept. Code
Customize ND departmental deposit slip and save as a template
Exit Excel
Recurring Procedures
Open Excel and file in ‘My templates’
Enter deposit date = ‘Bank Deposit Date’
Click ‘Create Deposit ID’
Fill out and complete the ND departmental deposit slip
Run a tape of your checks
Click ‘Clear Zero Dollar Records’
Print one ND Departmental Deposit Slip
Save as a workbook file
Click ‘E-Mail file to Controller’
Send e-mail
If you use a deposit bag, complete it accordingly
Deliver deposit to the Controller’s Office or Treasury Services
New ND Departmental Deposit Slip for RDC Depositors
If you deposit checks and are close to Grace Hall or the Main Building this
process is for you!
Looks much the same as before with enhancements
The Office of Treasury Services will send you a JPMorgan Chase Deposit Slip
specific to your department with a predetermined ‘Dept. Code:’ already
Customize Your ND Departmental Deposit Slip
Static data, located in the grey area, such as your department name, deposited by,
phone number, and campus address can be entered and saved
You may also enter FOAPAL’s you use regularly to help minimize future keying
While you are setting up your new template, you can ignore the red messages in
the ‘Notification Area’. These will go away when you complete the deposit slip.
Saving ND Departmental Deposit Slip the First Time
• Once you have customized your deposit slip, save as a template. Each
time you open it the static data will be there.
• Go to File/Save As
• Select the ‘Save as type:’ Excel Macro-Enabled template (*.xltm)
• Next, select ‘Save’ (do not change the file location)
• Last, exit Excel. This completes saving your document in the correct
format, as well as, in your ‘My templates’ folder for future easy retrieval.
Opening Your New Template
• To open your template (Office 2010) and prepare a check deposit:
File/New/My templates
• For Office 2013 click File/New/Personal/Documents
Prepare Your ND Deposit Slip
• Fill in the ‘Bank Deposit Date:’ This is the date you are delivering
your deposit to Treasury Services (415 Main) or the Controller’s
Office (801 Grace)
• You must create a unique Deposit ID each time you make a new
deposit. To do so, click on the ‘Create Deposit ID’ button. The
macro will create a unique deposit ID using a date/time stamp
macro and your predetermined Dept. Code.
Prepare Your ND Deposit Slip cont. . .
• Complete the Summary sections, beneath the WD, with the
#checks and the total Amount of your checks
• Complete the FOAPAL’s you will be using for this deposit,
Amount and GL Description
For reconciliation purposes, the
general ledger system combines
transactions with like GL
Descriptions for deposits
submitted in the same day.
A solution is to use a date or
unique identifier at the
beginning or end of each GL
Important Notes:
– Run a tape of all your checks to verify balances and to turn in with your deposit
– Endorse all checks
– Do not cut and paste or copy and paste as it could break the macros
Clearing Zero Dollar Records
The general ledger system cannot accept empty ‘Amount’ cells next to FOAPAL #’s or zero
dollars. Therefore, there is a new ‘Clear Zero Dollar Records’ macro to eliminate the
FOAPALS you don’t use in a given deposit. It is required to click if there are any empty
rows/amounts in order to properly complete the deposit slip.
Click this button to clear the rows with empty cells/zero dollars next to a row with a FOAPAL
# in it. Having saved this file as a template, the next time you open it all of your FOAPAL’s
will reappear.
Shown below is the deposit slip after you
click the ‘Clear Zero Dollar Records’
Important Note: Negative dollar amounts are no longer accepted. Please contact Accounting & Financial
Services for assistance.
Printing the ND Departmental Deposit Slip
Your ND Departmental Deposit Slip is complete and ready to print when
the ‘Notification Area’ contains only BALANCED with no red notifications.
In the spirit of going GREEN:
• Print one copy to accompany your check deposit to Treasury or the
Controller’s Office
• If you need a receipted deposit slip, print one copy to accompany your
check deposit and request a receipted confirmation emailed back to you.
Saving the ND Departmental Deposit Slip
Save as an electronic copy for future reference
To save a completed deposit slip
File/Save As/ Excel Macro-Enabled Workbook (*xlsm) (don’t save over your template
Saving as a Workbook is different than saving as a Template. Saving as a
Workbook is a best practice to save your newly created check deposit for
your records.
E-Mail File to Controller for Posting
• Click ‘E-Mail file to Controller’
• If the deposit slip has not yet been saved before you click ‘E-Mail
file to Controller’ a reminder message will appear and prevent the
e-mail from being sent.
E-Mail File to Controller for Posting cont. . .
The e-mail screen below will appear with your completed deposit slip
automatically placed in the ‘Attached:’ section
You can copy others in this message if you like
Be sure not to change the ‘To…’ or ‘Subject:’ line. The e-mail is sent
to the [email protected] box and the subject line helps the Controller’s
Office to identify your deposit for the posting
Finally, hit the ‘Send’ button
You are now ready to take your deposit to
Treasury Services, 415 Main Bldg.!
If you take your deposits to the
Controller’s Office, 801 Grace Hall,
Place your deposit slip and checks in a deposit bag.
See the next slide for procedures.
Complete Deposit Bag
Use deposit bags only if dropping deposit
in the Controller’s Office drop box. If you
deliver to Treasury Services, Main Bldg.,
then you will not need a bag
Complete the top section of the bag and
tear off to keep for your records
Complete Depositor Name and Financial
Institution Name on the outside of the
deposit bag
Complete ALL in ‘Said to Contain’ section
Place endorsed checks, along with the
departmental deposit slip, and calculator
tape in the bag
Seal the deposit bag
You are now ready to take
your deposit to the Controller’s Office!
Accounting & Financial Services
– Chuck Pope: 1-1140 or [email protected]
Controller’s Office
– Kathy Star: 1-7035 or [email protected]
Treasury Services
– Wendy Mott: 1-2996 or [email protected]
• Deposit supplies (JPMorgan Chase departmental deposit slip,
endorsement stamps and deposit bags)

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