By Quinn Manford
When Pteranodons Flew
• The Pteranodon
lived a long time
ago in the
Cretaceous period.
They come in many
different kinds and
sizes. Their
wingspan was 22 to
27 feet. Its most
common for its
Eyes: good for
seeing fish
Beak: good
Its body was fairly large. It had two wings
made up of skin that can stretch very far. Its
crest is located on top of their head. Some
scientists think that the Pteranodon’s crest
was a rudder. You can tell apart from a male
and female by their crest because the
females crest are shorter.
The Pteranodon’s wings
Did Pteranodon walk upright?
Some scientist think
that the Pteranodon
walked on all fours.
Many scientist found
footprints. Before
scientists discovered the
footprints they thought
that the Pteranodon
was a biped or a
The Pteranodon’s Diet
The Pteranodon ate mostly
small fish in the sea and
small birds on the shore.
Sometimes it would eat
carrion. Sometimes the
Pteranodon uses its claws
to catch fish but it mostly
used its beak. Some
scientist think that the
Pteranodon ate things
whole but a lot of people
disagreed they thought the
Pteranodon had teeth for
chewing up fish.
The Pteranodon’s Enemies
A lot of scientist
think that the
enemies were Trex and many
other meat-eating
dinosaurs. Some
scientist think
that the
Pteranodon lived
on mountain tops
near the ocean.
Learning from bones
• We know a lot about the Pteranodon because
of bones. We can learn more about the
Pteranodon if we examine the bones more
and continue to research.
Cretaceous- time of dinosaurs.
Bipeds- walked on two legs.
Quadrupeds- walked on four legs.
Wingspan- length of wing.
Carrion – dead and putrefying
Cretaceous- pg.6
Bipeds- pg.10
Quadrupeds- pg.10
Wingspan- pg.6
Carrion- pg.11

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