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DesignaKnit 8
Standard Shaping Mode
Create garment patterns with no designing
experience required.
DesignaKnit 8 opening screen
Double click on icon to start DesignaKnit 8
To begin using the
program click the
mode icon you
wish to work with.
Used when you want to create a garment from a
template of pre existing garment shapes.
It’s a quick easy way to create a garment pattern.
Click New Garment an simply fill in the
choices given on the following screens.
After clicking on your choices click ok
Knit a swatch and enter stitches and rows per inch or per cm.
You can choose the unit
of measure you prefer.
Click OK
Standard Size is a chart of measurement
from the industry standard sizing.
Custom Size allows you to select from
measurements you create by entering
measurements from family and friends.
Select the ease you want in the garment.
Click Ok
Select a size from the measurement chart.
click OK
To further customize your garment
you can change any measurement.
Just click on the box and type in the new numbers.
When you click in the measurement box the
picture changes to indicate where to measure.
Your garment will be displayed on the screen.
You can move the rulers to any location on the
garment piece to check the fit of the garment.
Original Pattern Drafting allows you to create any shape you wish.
You can open a file from
Standard Garment Styling
and further modify it in
Original Pattern Drafting.
Your garment will appear on your screen as individual pieces.
Small dots will appear around the edges of the garment pieces.
You can change the style of the garment
by moving points to different locations.
Copy those changes to
additional pieces.
Pieces can be rotated to any angle you want.
The rotated pieces can then be moved to
simulate the assembled garment.
Check fitting points
Move the points to
make the piece fit.
You can then mirror the change
to correct its opposite point.
When your garment design is complete you can
view instructions in several ways.
Text gives you row by
row instructions for the
garment piece.
Garment notation gives you a diagram print out with instructions
printed only when an increase or decrease is required in the pattern.
Row 111 cast off 18
stitches 1 time.
Row 143 decrease 1 stitch
every 2 rows 13 times.
Then knit 54 rows.
Any garment piece can be turned upside down or
at any angle you choose to get instruction for
upside down or diagonal knitting.
Interactive knitting allows you to get row by row
instructions right on your computer screen.
Number of rows to knit before an increase or decrease
Your patterns are neatly stored on your computer. No need for piles of
papers to sort through to find the pattern you want.
You receive instructions when you come to
any change in the knitting.
Easy to follow diagram shows you exactly
where you are on the garment.
Click the Eye icon you will see the screen flash when you need perform and action.
Click the lips and you will verbally
hear the instruction spoken.
The note and bell will ring or play a
note to alert you of a change
needed on the row.
Stitch Designer Mode
•Create Stitch patterns using the handy drawing tools.
•Layout individual stitch patterns on the garment shape.
•Integrate stitch design with garment shape.
Create your own color pallets easily.
Choose any color by clicking on the center color selector.
Then move the slider to change the intensity of the color.
Using the handy
drawing tools you can
easily create any stitch
design you like.
You can select the design you created and copy it.
Then paste the original pattern as many times as you want.
You can import designs from any existing stitch
pattern into a new pattern layout.
There are hundreds of stitch patterns that come with DesignaKnit.
Select from an existing stitch pattern
Easily change color of stitch pattern and background fabric.
Import as many stitch patterns as you like to create a unique design.
With the text tool you can type any lettering you want on the garment.
You can choose from any font you have on your computer.
With the mirror tool when you draw a design the
mirror of the design will also be vertically or
horizontally repeated.
When both mirrors are turned on the design will repeat both
vertically and horizontally as you draw.
The kaleidoscope tool mirrors 8 directions to give a simple
design an elegant look.
Designing with cables and textured stitch patterns is easy
with the template cable designs.
You can create your own custom cable crossovers and
save them for use in other patterns.
Create a layout of the
cable you want.
Then copy and past it to make
it repeat as many times as you
want in the garment design.
When you are designing you can view your design in grid form.
Or you can view it in fabric form.
With the simple background completed you can then add different stitch
types to your design.
To get perspective you can quickly change from grid view to
fabric view to get a better idea of how the design is going to
look on the finished knitting.
Adding lace and purl columns next to the
cables defines the stitch pattern.
When the new stitch pattern is complete you can place the garment
shape file on the stitch pattern and make sure pattern will begin and
end where you want.
Graphic Studio
Graphic Studio
•Use clip art to create stitch designs.
•Turn Photos into stitch patterns.
•Convert scanned images into stitch designs.
•Import digital camera images to create stitch designs.
Click File Open
Graphic File
Go to the location of your file
an click on the picture you
want to convert to a stitch
Thumbnail pictures
appear for each picture
you have in the folder.
Click on the picture you want to work with and a larger
image will appear next to the thumbnails.
Click OK
You will be asked to make choices as to the amount of
colors and the effects you want applied to the photo.
Click on the
Wizard tool
When conversion is
complete click OK
Choose the options on how you want
to knit the design.
DesignaKnit will bring you
back to Stitch Designer
where you can further
modify the design.
From picture to a
gridded design you can
easily knit.
Interactive knitting
On screen knitting instructions makes intarsia knitting simple.
Gives you the information row by row as you knit.
DesignaKnit 8
The hand knitters complete design tool.
Also used to design needlepoint and counted cross stitch patterns.
Turn your computer into your design studio.
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