Enhance Communications Cut-down Human Latency Extend the Reach of the Application • “Enhanced Presence” • Notifications and Alerts • Web Chat • “Click to Communicate” • Interactive Outbound •

Enhance Communications
Cut-down Human Latency
Extend the Reach
of the Application
• “Enhanced Presence”
• Notifications and Alerts
• Web Chat
• “Click to Communicate”
• Interactive Outbound
• Query-Response Bots
• Communications context
• Expert Finder
• Interactive Voice Response
Lync OCS Virtual Receptionist
serves in an unattended office
lobby to give visitors access to
The Lync/OCS Virtual receptionist
is a touch screen kiosk
application for an unattended
office lobby. The application
serves as a communication portal
for visitors to meet with or talk to
company personal. The solution
utilizes a touch screen monitor, a
camera, and microphone to
communicate with personnel.
The solutions is for situations in
which a receptionist either cannot
be present or is not a cost
effective option for receiving
Save money on reception costs
while enhancing security.
Visit www.insource.com to learn
Provide secure access to guests via
Lync. Visitors can search personnel
and begin conversations from the
Virtual Collaboration
ProtoSphere creates an always
on virtual collaboration
workspace to bring people
together in the enterprise.
Immersive, Social, Learning in the Cloud
ProtoSphere leverages Lync and
SharePoint to bring the right
people and the right data
together at exactly the right
moment to increase the speed
and effectiveness of knowledge
It is a humanized, social display
layer of interconnected shared
spaces. Each representing an
always on Lync conference call
working both in the cloud and
on premises.
Participants are represented by
an avatar connected to a
SharePoint profile, blog and
wiki. Allowing your
organization to leverage the
power of social production to
create and manage knowledge.
Hold your culture together
over distance in an engaging,
human way with an immersive
3D environment.
The contextual environment
makes learning transformative
and is fully integrated with your
unified communications
Learn more at www.protonmedia.com. Watch a short video demo of ProtoSphere. Read a case study on how research firm PPD utilizes ProtonMedia and Microsoft Technologies.
Crew Dispatch System
Fortek Vision enables emergency
responders to quickly report on
and asses resource availability
and incident response needs.
Fortek Vision Call-Out allows all
emergency responders in the field
to receive relevant information
instantly and simultaneously on
the appropriate delivery channel,
such as TETRA, Short Message
Service, or instant messaging
delivered by GPS.
Fortek Vision
With Lync as the communications
backbone it takes advantage of rich
presence information, instant
messaging, voice calls, and
conferencing. As a result,
emergency response agencies can
integrate instant data
communications into live crisismanagement operations and
federate with undeclared agencies
during an emergency.
The VISION Call-Out application
provides operators with a view of
their resources on a map and the
ability to select an action:
Send an instant message
containing details of an incident.
Perform a call-out message
requesting a response from the
officer—this then changes that
person’s status within the system.
Send a message and a URL with an
image—for example, to be used in
a missing person’s alert.
For more information visit www.fortek.co.uk.
prairieFyre Contact Center
allows for efficient distribution,
monitoring, and control of both
in office and remote agents.
prairieFyre Contact Center for Lync
prairieFyre Contact Center is a
modular, integrated software
suite that provides sophisticated
contact center functionality. It
combines Automatic Call
Distribution (ACD) and a modular
suite of feature-rich, web-based
applications with presence-aware
telephony, conferencing,
messaging, and agent mobility in
a familiar, easy-to-use Microsoft
Office interface.
Customers can quickly be
recognized and calls can be
prioritized and routed to the
appropriate areas.
Supervisors can control agents
and queues and with real-time
reporting and forecasting
adjustments can quickly be made
to maximize service and optimize
resource utilization.
prairieFyre Contact Center is for
companies with 10-250 agents. It
delivers a broad feature set
without the complexity or high
costs associated with larger
See prairieFyre Contact Center for more information.
Lync 2010 Managed API
UC Managed API 3.0
Integrate Lync 2010
Notifications & Alerts
Contextual Conversations
Bots & IVR
Extend Lync 2010
Contact Center
Build your Kiosk UI
Portals & Gateways
Your Client Application
Your Server Application

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