History Alive Notes Chapter 7

History Alive Notes
Chapter 7
American Colonies declared
independence in 1776 … but they
had to fight a long hard battle
(7.2) 1. List American Weaknesses:
•Soldiers only enlisted for a short period
of time
•Not well trained and Shortage of men
•Lacked the power to be able to raise
•Low on food, supplies, uniforms
•Left foot prints behind
•Gun powder shortage
(7.2) 2. List American Strengths:
• Got ships and soldiers from overseas (French –
at the end of the war)
• French gave them gun powder
• George Washington – well respected and
(7.3) Three British Strengths:
• The British Army had 50,000 soldiers, reinforced
by 30,000 Hessian mercenaries(professional
soldiers hired to fight), as well as Loyalists,
Native Americans, and African Americans.
• British soldiers were well trained and
experienced, compared to the Americans.
• British forces were well supplied with food,
uniforms, ammunition, and weapons.
(7.3) Two British Weaknesses:
• Sending troops and supplies from Britain to
America was slow and costly.
• The British were scared of stories of cannibalistic
• The British were not passionate about defeating
the rebels.
• They had poor military leadership.
(7.4) Britain Almost Wins the War
1. Why did the Declaration of
Independence increase Americans’
motivation to fight and win the war?
• They wanted to win their freedom
• Freedom was a goal worth fighting
(7.4) Britain Almost Wins the War
2. For which group of Americans did the Declaration
of Independence raise hopes as well as questions?
It raised hope for African Americans
African Americans thought that “all men are
created equal” applied to them
They thought slavery might end
(7.4) Britain Almost Wins the War
3. What factors allowed the British to almost win the
war in 1776?
Battle of New York City… Britain troops
overwhelmed the inexperienced the colonial
The greater number of troops and superior
(7.5) A Pep talk and Surprise Victories
1. In your own words, what was the
message of Thomas Paine’s pamphlet
The Crisis?
• It was written to motivate the
Americans to fight for what they
believed in, even though they are
in hard times or struggling.
(7.5) A Pep talk and Surprise Victories
2. How were the Americans able to
win such can overwhelming
victory at Trenton?
Washington had the troops rowed
across the Delaware River on
By surprising the Hessians while
they were asleep
George Washington …
(7.5) A Pep talk and Surprise Victories
3. How did victories at Trenton and
Princeton affect American morale
(or how they feel/ their spirits)?
It gave them the confidence that
they needed to fight.
The Crisis by Thomas Paine
These are the times that try
men’s souls. The summer
soldier and the sunshine
patriot will, in this crisis,
shrink from the service of
their country; but he that
stands it NOW, deserves the
love and thanks of man and
(7.6) The Tide Begins to Turn
As the was progresses, how did
Washington revise his military strategy?
• He was trying to avoid big battles that
might wipe out his whole army.
• Defensive War Tactic
(7.6) The Tide Begins to Turn
Why did the American cause the look
more hopeful after the Battle of
• The colonists won the battle and now
people believed that they could possibly
(7.6) The Tide Begins to Turn
4. The teacher tells the Blue team that they do
not have to capture the Red flag to win.
Instead they must keep the Red team from
capturing the Blue flags, just like…
• Washington saying he was going to fight a
defensive war – attempting to tire out the
(7.7) The War goes South page 96
1. What tactics did the Americans use successfully
against the British in the Southern Colonies?
• Defensive Strategy or Guerilla Tactics (like hit and
run raids)
2. How did the success of the Continental Army in the
Couth contribute to the American victories?
• The British were tired of fighting the colonists and
eventually forced the British to retreat to
Battle map of Yorktown
(7.7) The War goes South
3. How did the French help the Americans in the
Battle of Yorktown?
• The French went over into the Chesapeake Bay.
French troops and ships helped to win the war.
4. The teachers adds a third Blue flag. This makes it
harder for the Red team to win, just like…
• The Americans used hit and run tactics in the
south to frustrate the British
(7.8) The War Ends
1. How did the British people respond to news of
the Battle of Yorktown?
• Most British were tired of the war. King
George did not want to accept defeat.
(7.8) The War Ends
2. What were three key provisions of the
Treaty of Paris?
• Britain recognized the United States as
• Britain gave up land from the Atlantic
coast to the Mississippi River
• US gave rights and property from
Loyalist taken during the war

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