FenceSecure SA1000

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of Electronic and Electrified
“Perimeter Intrusion Detection systems”
PulseSecure™ PROTECTOR & FenceSecure™ SA1000 - PIDs Systems
Approved for use by UK Government for the protection of
CNI - Critical National Infrastructure
FenceSecure™ - Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems
Approved by HM Prison service and specified by: -
NOMS – National Offender Management Service
PIDs - Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
Suitable for use on all types of security fences
FenceSecure™ - more than 25 years proven performance worldwide
FenceSecure™ & WallSecure™
SA1000 Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems
A Complete range of installation components and accessories - It all fits together!
Perimeter Intrusion Detection System
o SA1000 dual zone analysers - up to 300 metre detection zone lengths
o Modular design - IP67 housing suitable for fence or wall mounting
o Operates from 12 to 24 V DC - Easy to install and set up
o Simple to install a Complete range of installation accessories
o Zone alarm relay outputs for interfacing directly with CCTV and 3rd party
security management systems.
o Optional monitoring & multiplex control systems with remote zone test
and listen in facility
o Full manufacturers support for site surveys, system design, installation
training and commissioning
How FenceSecure™ works
Vibewire piezoelectric sensor cable is acoustically coupled to the fence or fabric
to be monitored against intrusion attempts.
The Vibewire sensor cable picks up noises and vibrations that occur when a Would-be intruder attempts
to cut ,climb, jack up or penetrate the protected barrier. The Vibewire and SA1000 analysers are designed
and installed to create detection zones for alarm monitoring and response.
Each zone of Vibewire is connected to the SA1000 analyser which analyses the signals received from
the monitored fabric and discriminates between normal ambient noise and attack signals
The analyser sensitivity is easily set up to match the fabric being protected and detection operational
Fence Intrusion Detection System
How FenceSecure™ works:
The SA1000 dual zone analyser automatically detects
various forms of attack on the zone being monitored as
shown below: Screen shots showing background noise and signals produced during different types of attack
Background noise
Climb detection
Disc cutter
Hack saw
Bolt cropper
The SA1000 dual zone analyser is easy to set up and monitor.
Fence Intrusion Detection System
Examples of typical applications: •
Data centres
National Security Storage Compounds
Young offenders centre
Ariane Space Launch Site
Nuclear power sites
Major International Games Events
VIP residences & Royal Palaces
Garages and Vehicle Storage
Bonded Warehouses and Compounds
Chlorine stores
Secure wire cages
Your first line of Defence

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