Lecture Outline: or bcourses
How Free is Free?: Emancipation and Reconstruction
Now Playing: Louis Armstrong and Sy Oliver’s Orchestra, “Go Down Moses,” 1958
(original, 1862)
Leaving the old plantation
The Family Ideal, lithograph marketed to former slaves, ca. 1866
Freed men and women electioneering in the South, ca. 1868
“Plowing in South Carolina,” 1866
Winslow Homer, “A Visit From the Old Mistress”
Southern farmer and sons, ca. 1865
“The Great Labor Question from a Southern Point of View,”
Harper’s Weekly, July 1865
Sharecropper picking cotton, Georgia
Vagrancy Law prisoner “auction,” 1866
Burning of a freedman’s schoolhouse, Memphis Riots, 1866
Federal agent of Reconstruction promoting peace in the South, 1868
“The First Vote,” Harper’s Weekly, 1867
First African American U.S. Senator and Representatives
“Murder of Louisiana,” pamphlet, 1871
A member of the Ku Klux Klan in disguise, Tennessee, 1868
Campaign of terror during the election of 1876
“Colored Rule,” Harper’s Weekly , 1874
“The Overthrow of Reconstruction,” Harper’s Weekly, 1876

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