FAQ Modified SF 5 and 6

School Form 5 Report on Promotions & School Form 6 Summarized Report on Promotions
1. Who will implement and When ?
All public elementary & secondary schools
All grade and year level , All curriculum (RBEC & EBEC of K to 12)
Implementation starts on EoSY 2013-2014 for SF 5 & SF 6 and SY2014-2015 for SF 1,2,3,4 & 7
No SF 5 & SF 6 for Kinder. For private schools, it is under the discretion of SDS
2. No LRN? Coordinate with school ICT coordinator/LIS in-charge
3. Dropped/Transferred out? No longer included. It is already reported in Form 3 (Principal Monthly
Report on Enrollment and Attendance) and also in GESP/GSSP for EoSY. We only have 3 options for
status/action taken column (Promoted, Retained and IRREGULAR)
4. Action taken: PROMOTED?
A. For Grade 1 & 2, even a single subject was passed by a pupil and he was classified as
Beginner for the remaining subjects, the status is promoted. List/write learning areas
that needs intervention in the column “ Incomplete Subject/s as of End of current school
year (2nd sub-column). Indicate the General Ave and Equivalent Descriptive Letter.
B. For Grade 3 to 6, the norms for promotion and retention remain. Write General Average
only, No Descriptive Letter. No need to accomplish Incomplete Subject/s sub-columns
C. For Grade 7 & 8, satisfies requirements in all subject areas. Write Gen. Average with descriptive
D. For 3rd & 4th year, the norms for promotion and retention remain. Write General Average but
without Descriptive Value or Level of Proficiency. Indicate in Incomplete Subject/s (1st sub-column)
completed subject/s as of for subject/s completed during summer (if any) prior to the BoSY of the
current SY. Use the 2nd sub-column – Incomplete Subject/s as of the current SY for back subject/s.
School Form 5 Report on Promotions & School Form 6 Summarized Report on Promotions (continued)
5. Action taken: IRREGULAR?
A. For Grade 7 & 8, with incomplete subject/s. This category implies that the learner is
promoted to the next level but with deficiencies in one or more subject area/s. No General
Average will be reflected.
B. For 3rd & 4th year, with incomplete subject/s equivalent of less than 3 units. This category
implies that the learner have to undergo summer classes to complete the requirement for
the subject area/s.
C. Not applicable for Elementary Grades (Grade 1 to grade 6)
6. Action taken: FAILED?
For Grade 3, 4, 5, 6 for Elementary and 3rd and 4th Year for Secondary. (Not applicable for K
to 12 grade levels) Existing policy for promotion and retention will be applied.
7. Protocol for checking? Discretion of SDS who will check or validate.
8. Manual writing or computer generated? It depends to the resources available in the
9. Level of Proficiency? For K to 12 Grades Only (Leave blank for non-K to 12 grade levels)
10. Summary Table? For ALL Grade/Year Level (Both K to 12 and non K to 12 grade levels)
11. Paper Size? Default printing setup for excel templates is A4 (210mm X 297mm). May
add/delete rows if needed and add column for cardinal numbering or counting of learner
12. Report to the Office of the Chief of Staff any attempt to deviate the order.
School Name
Lagro ES, QC, NCR
Lagro HS, QC, NCR
Sta. Ana ES, Manila, NCR
Kalantiyaw ES
Tibagan ES, Bulacan, III
Tibagan NHS, Bulacan, III
Bonga Mayor ES, Bulacan, III
San Pablo City NHS, San Pablo City, IV-A
San Pablo CES, San Pablo City, IV-A
Bugtongnapulo NHS, Lipa City, IV-A
School Head
Dr. Lilia Garcia
Dr. Maria Noemi Moncada
Dr. Jesusa Caraig
Robelina Lazaro
Nonilon G. Manuel
Nilo A. Abolencia
Juliet Bulaong
Laila R. Maloles
Jim Bagsic
Theresa G. Exconde
Bagong Bayan ES, Quezon, IV-A
Ely Opena
Cagbalete NHS, Quezon, IV-A
Mario Guevarra
Cagbalete ES Annex, Quezon, IV-A
Danalyn Sevillon
Jose K. Obandon MES (Antipolo ES), Lipa City, IV-A
Adelia M. Orsos
San Vicente NHS, San Vicente, Palawan, IV-B
Eleazer B. Arellano
Sagpangan ES, Aborlan, Palawan, IV-B
Leonita D. Dela Rosa
Glenda C. Magpantay
Delfin Albano NHS, Cabagan, Isabela, II
Gemalyn P. Ramirez, Ph. d.
Mary Grace O. Domingo
Cagayan NHS, Tuguegarao, II
Linda P. Tungcul, Ph.
Ligaya ES, Quirino, II
Amparo Orlani
Nimfa R. Gabertan
Alma Alonzo
Ma. Luisa S. Rivera
Robert Aquino
Arlene Bautista
Azela Geraldine B. Sispere
Region Marites Lustania, EPS II, Regional Office
SFRT Members/Contributors
Theresa Tamayao, SEPS II, Regional Office
Gloria M. Cruz, ES II, Regional Office
Maribel Buyogan, EPS II, Regional Office
Charity Capunitan, EPS, Regional Office
Norben Nicasio, Planning Unit, Isabela
Isabelita Sampayan, P.O. II, Palawan
NCR Araceli Liwanagan, SEPS, Quezon City
Grace Bacud, PO II, Tuguegarao City
Region Hipolito C. Marsin, Statistician II, Regional
Juan Obieron, PSDS, Quezon City
III Office
Jerry Cruz, EPS, Bulacan
Darna Dimaya, PSDS, Quezon City
Paulo Eduardo Cruz, Jr., P.O. II, Bulacan
Serafia Vargas, PSDS, Quezon City
Dulce Regina Flores, PSDS, Bulacan
Daisy Dizon, P.O.II, Manila
Region Cherrylou D. De Mesa, EPS II, Regional
Central Erlinda F. Leva, EPS II, BSE
IV-A Office
Franesia J. Gajilomos, EPS II, Regional
Anna Marie San Diego, EPS II, BSE
Arnold Sinen, EPS II, San Pablo City
Ma. Elena Barba, OPS-PPD
Maria Rosario Lissa Ticzon, P.O. II, San
Janice Ricafrente, OPS-PPD
Pablo City
Vincent Ilagan, EPS II, San Pablo City
Marieta C. Atienza, OIC, OPS-RSD
Consuelo F. Santos, EPS I, San Pablo City
Glenda N. Granadozin, EPS II, BEE
Erwin Yumping (Facilitator), OPS-PDED
Ernesto P. Badillo, PSDS, Lipa City
Melba Endozo, P.O. II, Lipa City
Dexter Pante (Facilitator), OPS-PDED

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