MI Al-Suwaiyel, President

Science, Technology and Innovation
In Saudi Arabia
January 26th, 2015
M. I. Al-Suwaiyel, President
King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology
The National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan:
An important initiative
Saudi Arabia R&D Indicators:
Growth in Science Publications
Saudi Arabia R&D Indicators:
Research Citations and Patents
International Collaboration:
KACST Joint Centers of Excellence
Technology Incubation:
Success Indicators
Research Products to the Market
Saudi Arabia Experience:
The National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan, NSTIP:
An Important Initiative
1st Phase
Establish a robust
national infrastructure
for science, technology
and innovation
Did we deliver?
2nd Phase
3rd Phase
 Become a leading
country in science,
technology and
innovation in the
 Become a leading
country in science
technology and
innovation in Asia
4th Phase
 Transform to a
Middle East
2025 – 2029
Saudi Arabia
2020 - 2024
2015 - 2019
2007 - 2014
NSTIP is coordinated by KACST
Saudi Arabia R&D Indicators:
Publications in Scopus Data base
SCImago. (2007). SJR — SCImago Journal & Country Ran.
Retrieved January 19, 2015, from ttp://www.scimagojr.com
Growth in Science Publications
From 1,474 Web of Science papers in 2003, KSA achieved 373% growth in output, which is
the highest rate of growth during the last decade among the G20 members.
KSA papers in 2012, constituted 0.6% world share, up from 0.2% in 2003.
Much of this growth has been recent, specifically since 2009.
Saudi Arabia R&D Indicators:
Growth in Science Publications
China, Brazil, Ireland, Kenya, Saudi Arabia
Source: Nature Index 2014, Global
Source: Five countries to watch, Nature asia/
publishing-index-global, 20th June 2013,p. 24 - 28
Saudi Arabia R&D Indicators:
Research Citations and Patents
Reference: SCImago. (2007). SJR — SCImago,
Journal & Country Rank. Retrieved
October 29, 2014, from
“It is remarkable that KSA also tallied a strong increase in
citation impact, from about only half the world average to 6%
above world average by 2012.
Normalized citation rate for Saudi Research Publications
increased to (0.94),very close to the World average (1.0). A
significant accomplishment over a short period of time. Saudi
Arabia’s normalized citation rate was at 0.54 prior to 2009.”
Patent activity in Saudi Arabia has been
growing sharply since 2007
Research Performance Indicators Report – December 2014, Thomson Reuters
International Collaboration:
KACST Joint Centers of Excellence Program (JCEP)
Established in 2012 in 3 Continents, 5 Countries, 14 Centers
Joint Centers of Excellence
Green Nanotechnology
Telecom Applications
Space and Aeronautics
Nano medicine
Skilled Researchers
Increase the human
capital and the
researchers workforce
Bio Nanotechnology
Complex Engineering Systems
Human Resources
Development: Students
accepted in Top Tier
Universities for MS and
PhD, including: MIT,
Stanford, Harvard,
Research & IP
Advanced Materials
Nanomaterials for Clean
Lunar and Near-Earth Objects
Increase research
quality and
intellectual property
> 200 Papers published
Startups Include:
> 60 Patents filed
Decision Support
Materials & Building Systems
commercialization of
research output
Technology Incubation
Success Indicators:
The BADIR Incubators at KACST
90 Clients by January 20th 2015
345 direct jobs created by end of 2014
Incubated clients generated more than 11 million SR in the 1st half of 2014
8 clients graduated and established their companies
The market value of those companies is estimated at 150 million SR
One of the companies, S-me, ranks as 4th among 50 emerging companies by the
World Bank.
Another company, enwani, was acquired by Careem a ground transportation
DSI has developed a patented
highly effective novel wound
dressing for diabetic wounds, using
chitosan extracted from the shells of
prawns – an industrial waste
Jwain is using two
patented processes to
convert palm trees
waste into firewood
and coal.
S-me is a social sms
network, chosen by the
world bank as 4th best
among 50 emerging
technical projects in
the Middle East.
enwani is a mobile app
that links your address
with your cell phone
number that can be used
with delivery providers
Yatooq is the Arabic
coffee machine maker
that provides an
intuitive way to make
Arabic coffee.
Harakat is an online
production company that
produces, online shows
and offers production
Research Products to the Market
KACST Technologies licensed or being licensed to TAQNIA
Solar Desalination station in Khafji.
Capacity up to 60 cubic m / day
Green 500 Rank: 11th (2nd in Nov 2012)
Top 500 Rank: 93rd (52nd in Nov 2012)
UH-CPV Development
The Arabic content has increased
from 0.3% (2007) to > 3% (2014)
Radar Technology
UAV (Saker-4)
Robotics: Fire Fighter – Explosive Detection - Rehabilitation
12 MW PV
Assembly Line
(Saudisat-4) Scientific
mission satellite
UAV (Saker-2)
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