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Flight Physical Info
Naval Postgraduate School
Scheduling a Flight Physical
• Call (707) 423-5445 to schedule an appt
– Select option 3 to get the Flt Med desk
– Do not use the central appt line unless absolutely necessary
• After confirming appointment, go to POMAHC (Presidio of
Monterey Army Health Clinic) to pick up your records. They
will be hand-carried.
– Appointment line and e-mail posted here:
– Other contact info:
• Travis will only schedule one month out so don’t expect to
schedule any earlier
– Start early if you want to get a Friday appt
Prep Work
• The day before your appt you must do the
online PHA assessment
– Log in to the AF Portal with a CAC login
– Look for the AF Web-Based Health
– Give yourself 30 mins to complete
• Take with you
– Uniform to change in to
– Glasses if you need them
– Something to do
Getting There
• Old process: Shuttle from POM AF squadron
• New process April 2012:
• Contact TSgt Wright and/or SSgt Thompson at Goodfellow AFB
for DTS fund cite
[email protected] (325)-654-5084 / DSN 477-5084
[email protected] (325)-654-3134 / DSN 477-3134
• NPS POC to cross-org fund cite into NPS DTS: Maria Tinajero
[email protected] (831)656-3896
• Future process (timeline?):
• Travis AFB will take over either providing a shuttle or a
reimbursement fund cite.
• It takes about 2.5 hrs to drive
– Traffic usually isn’t bad that early in AM
*The only “reimbursement” for travelling to Travis is the provided bus
(IAW AFITI 36-105, para 3.13: “Medical Travel. Expenses for medical treatment are the responsibility of the servicing MTF…The local MTF policy regarding reimbursement guidelines prevails.”)
Directions to Travis
150 mi – about 2 hours 34 mins
Slightly more in traffic
If you depart between 0400-0430 you
should have plenty of time
1. Head north on CA-1 N toward
Exit 403
2. Continue on CA-156 E (signs
for US-101/CA-156/San Jose)
(6.4 mi)
3. Merge onto CA-156/El
Camino Real N/US-101 via
the ramp to Hollister/San
Francisco Continue to follow
US-101 (47.9 mi)
4. Take the exit onto I-680 N
Partial toll road (71.0 mi)
5. Take the exit onto I-80 E
toward Sacramento (6.2 mi)
6. Exit onto Air Base Pkwy
(5.1 mi)
Day of Appt
• Be at Flt Med Desk NLT 0730 to sign in
– Be in uniform
– Make sure you have glasses if you wear them
– You’ll do vitals, hearing, and eye tests
– Wait to see Doc
• For more complete maps/directions, where
to eat, etc., contact the NPS FS/CC.

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