An Overview & Importance of the Political Action

An overview & importance of the
Political Action Committee
What is the AGC of Michigan PAC?
It combines AGC of Michigan
member firm’s political
strength and helps finance
the campaigns of candidates
for state legislature who are
supportive of a pro-business
and pro-construction
legislative agenda.
AGC MI PAC and You
It all starts with YOU who
contributes to the AGC MI PAC who
donates to campaigns for state legislature that support the
construction industry who
works once elected to promote our issues through the
legislative process
“Why should I donate?”
It’s more than just electing pro-business/
pro-construction candidates. . .
A healthy PAC demonstrates:
Strong grassroots network
Effective leadership
Committed membership
i.e. people who want to positively
influence public policy!
“Why should I donate?”
AGC MI PAC creates
unique opportunities for your association:
 It enables our advocacy staff to spend one-on-one time
with state legislators in office visits, meetings and at
fundraising events.
 It helps AGC develop relationships with key members of
the state legislature and their aides.
 It reminds lawmakers that when an issue impacts
construction, AGC of Michigan should be consulted.
“How much should I give?”
• Every dollar counts!
AGC members contribute
anywhere between $50 and $1000
per year. Remember that these are
individual contributions and must be made via
personal check or payroll deduction.
• If you choose payroll deduction
Your employer can have any amount you designate
automatically withdrawn from your check each pay
Your voice counts!
payable to
Talk with your employer or
contact the AGC office at
(517) 371-1550

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