Achieve Learning Program

Welcome to
The Achieve
Learning Program
Mrs. Clare Smith
Grade 8
[email protected]
• ALP is a support class designed
to strengthen students’ reading
and writing skills.
• Students work in small groups
and read independently every
day of the cycle.
Achieve Learning Program :
Two Classes in One!
On A &B days, for example, your child might meet with me for
small-group instruction… just five to eight students per group,
depending on the class size. We work on reading
comprehension, writing, and grammar – pretty much anything
In addition, I try to provide some science and social studies
support. Reading in the content areas can be tough because text
books tend to be written at a higher level than many students’
instructional reading levels.
On C & D days, your child works independently on the
TeenBiz3000 website.
On E & F days your child will be reading independently and
completing activities based on their IRB
ALP Power Reading:
The TeenBiz Component
All the TeenBiz articles are nonfiction, usually based
on an Associated Press article. And here’s the really
cool part: the article your child receives is tailored to
his/her reading level! The student sitting next to
your child receives the same article geared toward his
or her level.
While your child works on TeenBiz, I am working
with the other group of students.
Cycle Expectations
All students must complete the following
each A-F cycle:
3 TB Multiple Choice activities
1 TB Thought Question
1 Independent Reading Response
*each student is expected to read 2
Independent Reading Books each quarter
What you should be looking for in order to gauge
your child’s TB progress:
• TeenBiz provides data on each student’s performance pertaining to
multiple choice activities, Writing Center multiple choice activities,
and written responses, aka Thought Questions.
– For the multiple choice, I analyze two things:
• the number of activities completed that cycle (THREE.)
• The average score for those activities (We’re looking for an average above
– For the Thought Questions:
• Students are required to complete ONE TQ each cycle
• TQ responses should 1) begin with the TAG, 2)restate the question, 3)
address all parts of the task, and 4) provide solid text-based support.
• TQs are scored on a four-point rubric.
• If the student submits more than one, I grade them both/all. The
better/best grade counts.
Translating Lexile Levels to
Approximate Non-fiction Reading Level by Grade
TeenBiz3000 uses this
chart to translate Lexile
levels to reading levels.
220 L – 500 L
Reading Level
Reviewing this chart can
help teachers, students,
and parents get a better
understanding of
students' approximate
non-fiction reading levels
based on their Lexile
450 L – 620 L
550 L – 790 L
770 L – 910 L
865 L -980 L
955 L -1035 L
1005 L -1085 L
1045 L -1155 L
1080 L -1230 L
1110 L -1305 L
Achieve3000 provides this chart to help
Teachers understand whether their
1215 L -1355 L
Students are on track for college-and
career readiness. This chart shows which Lexile levels
Are considered “on track” at every grade level.
More About TeenBiz3000
• When you have time, ask your child to show you
around his/her TeenBiz3000 account.
• Students have access to the program from anywhere
they have access to the internet. Students are
encouraged to work on TB at home.
• If your child takes you to his/her PORTFOLIO, you’ll
be able to see the activities she/he has completed so far
in both multiple-choice and writing.
• Please, peruse the TeenBiz3000 website for further
information, and don’t hesitate to contact me about
your child’s progress in ALP.
Parental Access
On your Internet browser, go to
1. Enter your child's username and password (see
2. Click Settings at the top of the screen. Then, click
Create Parent Login.
3. Enter your security code (see below) and answer
a couple of questions.
4. The system will display your Home Edition
username and password. Record this login
information somewhere safe. You will need it to
access TeenBiz in the future.
5. Log in and get started!
Your child’s user name: clare.smith
Your child’s password: pickle
Your security code: S123456789

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