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Who We Are
Approved Search is a dedicated
advertising platform under the Seed
Corn Advertising umbrella. Our core
focus is on providing customized,
premium traffic at a lower cost.
With a focus on client needs
analysis, we boast a 90%+ retention
Ways to Advertise
Social Media
The best way to get ROI on
your advertising spend is to
have control over where
your dollars are spent and
ensure that the programs
you choose are effective.
Search 49%
Search comprises roughly
50% of the overall spend on
the internet. And it’s a very
controlled way of
Needs Analysis
You’re an advertiser. So you know that advertisers can want different metrics
– such as high conversions, higher comscore, higher TQ traffic… And let’s not
forget about the video folks (time on site, page views, etc.)
How can we find a solution that’s right for you?
First, we talk to you about your specific goals. Some other advertising
companies out there don’t seem too interested in the advertiser. They will
simply unload traffic without regards to specific metrics. That’s where
Approved Search immediately differentiates itself. We have account
managers that are dedicated to customizing campaigns to your unique needs.
You want a CPA offer to convert? We can do that. You simply want as much
traffic as possible? We handle that as well.
Most Advertisers Choose To Advertise With…
But at what cost?
With Seed Corn Advertising and our Approved Search platform, you
can accomplish your advertising goals at a fraction of the spend you
would with any other search network. Plus, we have just as many
tools and targeting plus customer service that you won’t find
elsewhere. Unlike other networks, you can actually purchase traffic
on a Run Of Network (RON), in addition to Keyword Only.
Enter Approved Search
This is where we come in. We offer a lower-cost
alternative to advertising with no minimums and
over a 90% retention rate of direct advertisers.
Think About That.
We can run your campaign the way you design,
at a budget you set, with results you want.
What Makes You So Special?
To start, Seed Corn Advertising is actually one of the largest search networks
in the space. We’ve been doing this for well over 10 years on a business-tobusiness model (with clients such as Yahoo). Now, we are taking these
successes and creating a new division that focuses on the business-toconsumer model.
How Do You Stack Up To Google and Bing?
Well for starters, you save a boat load of money, without compromising on
quality. Having variable pricing at affordable entry points, with no minimums,
we help you test your campaigns without fear of running out of budget before
getting the traffic you need. In addition, we can run the campaigns that you
can’t necessarily run with those guys (ie. electronic cigarettes). We can get
traffic in large amounts and we can get high quality traffic, and we can do it
How Do I Know Your Traffic Is Any Good?
If you’ve bought traffic elsewhere before, there is a good chance you’ve already
received our traffic. Additionally, Approved Search is a new network designed
specifically for premium and high quality traffic (and new technology).
We put our money where our mouth is.
With your first $50 deposit, a $50 credit will be applied to your account for a total
budget of $100 to start. We run a test, then you can decide what you like and
don’t like and we will tailor your campaign, optimized for your preferences. We
offer a minimal risk solution, so you can focus on the things that matter… results.
Someone call the Guinness guys, cause that’s just…
Sounds Amazing, Now What?
You don’t need this guy to figure out that
this is a great opportunity for you to get
sales, leads, and social interaction within
your site.
We know you’re just itching to start running
campaigns and driving traffic to your site.
Well, follow these next steps and the Sky is
the Limit!
First, Sign Up for New Account
Make sure you choose advertiser from the drop down
menu (remember to do this when you log in as well).
Next, it’s time to Create a Campaign.
Hover over Campaigns in the upper right corner and select Create New.
Now Just Follow The Steps:
1. Create a Campaign Name
2. Add Your Title, Description,
and Display URL.
3. Add Your Click URL – Feel Free
to Add Google Analytic Codes
If You Like.
4. Then, Adjust the Dynamic
Examples of UTM Codes
&utm_campaign=campaign name
Now, Let’s Add Some Keywords.
Campaign Type - Choose if
you would like Run of
Network, or Keyword Based
Keywords – You can simply
copy and paste keywords
right into the box OR
upload a file. (Keywords
are exact match only)
Targeting – Select
Targeting, which will
take you to the bid
Lastly, Add Targeting and Limits
Choose your bids (the min CPC is what you will see).
Choose your Hours, and targeted Countries, then click
LIMITS to go to the next page (you can always go back to
the previous page).
Choose Percentage of Time to show your ad, Daily
Budget, and the Total Budget (Once your campaign hits
Total Budget, it will pause forever). Choose Number of
Clicks Per Day and Per User (default is Unlimited).
Decide if you want to spread clicks throughout the day.
Click FINISH (Upon completion, your account rep must
approve the campaign and add traffic for you).
Easy huh? Now Add Some Funds!
Hover over Transactions,
Select Add Funds.
Enter the Amount, Choose Method,
and Go Through The Process.
It’s important to note that your campaigns cannot start until funds are in
your account. So add some and let’s get this party started!
Once everything is live, you can Manage Campaigns and View Stats.
Manage Campaigns
Select Manage and then… Manage!
Viewing Stats
Choose from Hourly, Daily, Campaign Clicks, and
You can even choose Campaign and Country from these
drop down menus also.
Thank You!
We here at Approved Search would like to be
the first to say Thank You for your business.
Should you ever need us for anything, simply
reach out to your account manager, and we
will make sure you are taken care of.
Now let’s start sending you traffic!

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