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State Testing 2013-2014
Testing Overview
 All public school districts shall administer the state
mandated academic achievement tests of the OSTP to all
students enrolled in the designated grades.
Who Participates?
 Every student enrolled in a tested grade level in an Oklahoma
public school must participate in testing.
 All students will be administered either:
 An OCCT general assessment with or without
accommodations or
 An Oklahoma Alternate Assessment Program (OAAP or
Testing Contractors
 CTB/McGraw-Hill will serve as Oklahoma’s testing
contractor for the 2013 – 2014 school year for the
following grade levels.
 OCCT Grades 3 – 8 and EOI
 OMAAP EOI (for 2nd Time Testers with a previous score)
 Pearson will continue to serve as the contractor for the
OAAP Grades 3 – 8 and EOI administered through the
Office of Special Education.
Grades and Subjects Tested
Testing Window: April 10-May 2
 3rd – Reading and Math
 4th – Reading and Math
 5th – Writing (February) Math Reading Science SS
 6th - Math and Reading
 7th - Math Reading Geography(not tested this spring)
 8th – Writing (February) Math Reading Science US History
 EOI – Algebra I Algebra II Geometry English II English III
Biology I US History
*Any additional time is available as an immediate extension of
the testing session.
Online Testing
 6th Math Reading
 7th Math Reading Geography
 8th Math Reading Algebra I
(1200 computer tests)
 Algebra I and II
 Geometry
 English II and III
 Biology I
 US History
Paper Pencil Testing
 3rd – Reading Math
 4th - Reading Math
 5th - Reading Math SS Science Writing
 8th - Writing Science SS
Collinsville Public Schools Opt Out
 The district is required to test a minimum of 95% of
enrolled students or face sanctions from OSDE. The
OSDE does not recognize the legal right of any
parent/guardian or student to opt out of the
district’s standardized testing program. As a result
the OSDE requires that all students be provided with
appropriate tests pursuant to the district’s testing
program. Any documentation of opting out or
refusal to test will be kept by the district.
 The district had 17 opt outs for the OCCT/EOI tests.
Field Testing May 5th – May 7th
 Oklahoma will be trying out items this Spring aligned to
the new standards for College and Career Readiness for
Math, Reading, and Writing.
 Items will be presented in a stand-alone format with
students participating in one section of either Reading or
Math items or a Writing sample.
 Students will NOT participate in more than one subject
area per grade and then respond only to a limited
number of items or a writing prompt.
Field Testing – May 5th - May 7th
 3rd – Reading - 45 minutes
 4th – Math - 45 minutes
 5th – Reading – 45 minutes
 6th – Math – 60 minutes
 7th – Reading – 90 minutes
 8th – Writing - 60 minutes
 Eng II – 90 minutes
 Eng III – 90 minutes
Field Testing – From the OSDE
 Why is an item tryout important?
 Newly-developed items must be piloted before they can
be used on a future test in order to ensure quality items
that are valid and reliable.
 Items being piloted are usually embedded within an
operational test, but they can also be administered in a
stand-alone test format when standards have changed
 Oklahoma owns all of its test items, so piloting/trying out
of items is a necessary and standard practice to keep a
healthy pool of new items which will be used to build
future assessments for Oklahoma students.
Field Testing Opt Out
 The OSDE does not recognize the legal right of any
parent/guardian or student to opt out of the
district’s standardized testing program. As a result
the OSDE requires that all students be provided with
appropriate tests pursuant to the district’s testing
 If you choose to Opt your child out of field testing
please go to your child’s school and fill out the Opt
Out Form by May 2.
Transitioning to College and Career Readiness Standards
(Common Core)
 The district has been transitioning to CC for the last 3 years.
 We were required to submit a 3 year transition plan to the
SDE letting the state know what steps we would be taking to
assure we would be completely transitioned by the 20142015 school year.
 Currently we do not know what the 2014-2015 school year
will bring.
Transitioning to College and Career Readiness Standards
(Common Core) - From the SDE
 The 2013 – 2014 school year will be the final year
to test the current Oklahoma Academic Standards
for Reading, Writing, and Math.
 Beginning in 2014 – 2015, Oklahoma will begin
accessing the new standards for College and Career
Readiness in Grades 3 – 8 for English/language arts
(Reading and Writing) and Math.
 Science and Social Studies standards will continue
to be assessed under the current OAS standards.
Reading Requirements for Driver’s
 Persons under 18 applying for a license or permit
must demonstrate a Proficient reading ability at the
eighth grade level.
 Only students currently enrolled in eighth grade can
take the OCCT Grade 8 Reading test.
 HS will administer alternative test 4 times per year
to students who do not pass OCCT
EOI Testing Overview
 Oklahoma law requires that students demonstrate mastery of
the state academic content standards in selected subjects in
order to graduate from high school with a standard diploma.
Students must demonstrate mastery in Algebra I and English
II, plus 2 the following: Algebra II, Biology I, English III,
Geometry, and/or US History. Students may satisfy this
requirement by attaining a proficient or higher score on a
state criterion referenced test (offered to district students at
the conclusion of the corresponding course). Students may
not satisfy these graduation requirements through other
means unless:
EOI Testing Overview
 The student previously attempted the test but did not obtain the required score
(applies to Algebra I, English II and Biology I only); or
 The student scored 10% above the cut scores approved by OSDE for the ACT,
SAT, ACT Plan or PSAT/NMSQT alternative tests, or scored equal to or above
the cut scores approved by OSDE for AP course exams, ACT Workkeys job
skills assessment, CLEP or IB alternate tests (applies to Algebra II, English III,
Geometry and US History only).
 Summary - They have to pass 4 out of 7
 If you have questions contact Ginger Limbocker at the HS 918-371-5279
Grade 3 Retention Law
 In 2011, Oklahoma amended the Reading Sufficiency Act (RSA)
to require schools to retain students who do not pass a Reading
test and do not meet other criteria for exemptions by the end of
the third grade. The first group of students affected by this policy
will complete the third grade in 2014.
 SDE is requesting that schools complete Grade 3 Reading no later
than April 23 and ship these tests immediately to CTB.
 Student Roster Reports for Grade 3 Reading will begin posting as
tests are processed.
 RSA Questions contact Cheryl Hunt at Wilson Elementary
 We had 17 people OPT out of the OCCT/EOI operational
test –We will meet our 95%
 Field Testing is not connected to the A-F Report Card
 18 of our students qualified for the EOI exemption
 Parent Right to View
State Department Web Site
 Click on Services
 Click on Accountability and Assessment
 Test Preparation In-service Presentation
 Test Administrator and Test Monitor Presentation
 Test/Item Specifications (with sample items)
 Blueprints
 Released Test Items
 Frequently Asked Questions
Contact Information
Office of Accountability
and Assessments
(405) 521-3341
ACE Counseling
Melissa White
(405) 521-3549

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