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Gabe Miller, Conner Worman, Andrew Kim,
Rachell Gasseling
Expulsion of the foreign Jews
Elie’s friends, Moshe the beadle, along with all the
other foreign Jews of Sighet are expelled
“One day, they expelled all the foreign jews from
Moshe the
Moshe returns to
sighet to warn
everyone about the
Germans, but he is
“I saw him sitting on a
Moshe the Beadle and the Purpose
The main reason the Elie Wiesel wrote Night was
to show the horrible atrocities of the holocaust
Moshe the beadles stories were to horrible to
believe, showing how horrible it was, and how
unbelievable it became
Moshe the beadle’s need to warn the people of
Sighet mirrors Elie’s purpose to warn us.
Germans come to town
“German army cars had appeared on our streets…
Their attitude toward their host was distant, but
The Germans do not seem that threatening at
first, but things quickly change
Germans begin to control Sighet
“Jews would not be aloud to leave their houses for three
days; on pain of death.”
The Germans begin
to express their
control over Sighet,
ever so slightly. The
beginning of a
horrible spiral into
the rest of the novel
Jews are confined to the ghettos
“Two ghettos were set up in
All Jews were forced to live in
the ghettos, and could not
leave. The cruelty toward Jews
by their oppressors is begin to
be felt
Deportation begins
“I have terrible news,
Elie’s father is called into a
meeting. He is told that all
the Jews must pack up and
be ready to leave Sighet.
Readers thoughts:
• Why? There is no
• How does no one stop
The Jews prepare for the trip
up sir, get up!
You’ve got to get
ready for the journey!”
The Jews bury their
valuables, prepare
food, grab prized
possessions that they
wish to take.
The Wisel family boards the train
Elie and his family board a
cattle train, where they then are
taken to Birkenau concentration
“The Hungarian police made us
get in, eighty people in each
Reader’s thoughts and the purpose
By now you probably think:
• How could this be allowed to happen?
• This is horrible, what have they done?
This was Elie’s purpose, you now wonder how this
ever could have happened
• Ghettos + Discrimination + Deportation=
Reader emotional reaction
Madam Schachter foresees
“Fire! I can see fire!”
Madam Schachter begins to yell on the
train about fire, the Jews think she has
just gone crazy. Until they see the
crematorium of Birkenau and Auschwitz
Arrival at Birkenau
“We had arrived… at Birkenau, the Auschwitz
reception area center.”
Elie and company arrive at Birkenau, where they
are selected and separated
Elie and his mother are
separated at Birkenau, a
common happening at such
Reader thought:
• He loses his mother?!
Arrival at Birkenau
The SS and the Kapos beat the prisoners and
force them to give up belongings
Elie’s father is beaten by a gypsy deportee
This harsh treatment by their captors was
common, and brutal.
Arrival at Auschwitz
They are marched to Auschwitz in a horrible
grueling run/march
Nonstop running
No shoes
Stragglers were shot
These events will definitely make you shudder
• Elie loses his mother and sisters
• Him and his father are beaten, and looted
• They are forced to run for miles, in horrible
• Stragglers were shot
These events described in gory detail get this
reaction from a reader in their head
First Day in Auschwitz
The prisoners are at first treated with hospitality
They are all assigned numbers to identify them,
stripped of any and all individuality.
Elie and his father meet Stein of Antwerp, who
asks for news of his family
Elie’s father must lie in order to make the Stein of
Antwerp continue to live, by letting him think his
family is still alive.
Transfer to Buna
Some of the Jews are transferred to a sub-camp
called Buna, no less horrible than any other camp
Elie is beaten violently A foreman, Franek, notices
his gold crown.
Elie is sent to the doctor to have it removed with
a rusty spoon
Yom Kippir
“We fasted here the whole year round.”
“The whole year was Yom Kippur.” (Page 66)
Elie and the Jewish prisoners were starving and
there was no point of fasting because they barely
eat food anyway
Physical Exam
“The race seemed interminable. I thought I had
been running for years.” (Page 68)
Elie had to run and prove that he was still healthy
towards the German Doctors to stay alive. If you
weren’t healthy enough, Death.
How we doing so far?
Completely disgusted by the treatment of the
Jews at these camps yet? Good!
If you haven’t figured it out, THAT’S THE POINT
You now want to never see this again, so by
showing you these horrible experiences, we can
hopefully avoid this.
“Go on. Take what I’m giving you!”
Elie’s Father gives him a weapon and materials
that Elie would need if his father dies. Tugs at the
heartstrings doesn’t it
“Where is the divine Mercy?”
“Where is God?”
“How can I believe, how could anyone believe, in this
merciful God?”
Elie questions his faith towards God.
He has been broken down so much, he doesn’t even
have faith in the god he so desperately wanted to
study in the Cabbala
Seasons Pass
“Winter had come. The days were short, and the
nights had become almost unbearable.”
Months pass by, and it had become Winter. The
cold made their already horrible lives worse
“I must have an operation!”
“If we waited, the toes – and perhaps the whole
leg – would have to be amputated.”
(Page 74)
If Elie does not get an operation, his whole leg
would have to be amputated .
Without a foot for very long, he would have
“Outlived his usefulness"
More running
“The SS made us increase our pace.”
“Faster, you swine, you filthy sons of bitches!”
Elie and the Jewish prisoners are leaving their
camps to move to a new area . Elie is forced to run
on a leg he recently had operated on
How could man treat another man this way?
These events make you wonder how a man of the
same species could do this to another:
Weeding out the weak and killing them
Almost starving the prisoners
Mass murder
More mass murder
Forced runs for hours (Don’t forget the slow were
Its almost impossible to even conceive of doing this
to a member of the same species? But then again,
that’s the whole point the book goes for
Zalman Dies
“I can’t go any longer. My stomach’s bursting…”
During the run towards a new area, Zalman has a
stomach cramp which leads him to his death by
getting trampled by thousands of SS soldiers .
Juliek and Elie Reunited
“He was not dead.”
“Suddenly, I remembered. Juliek!”
Elie discovers Juliek in the barracks that the Jews
were imprisoned in.
Juliek and the Violin
“What mad man could be playing the violin, or at
the brink of his own grave?”
Elie still remembers Juliek playing the violin and
falls asleep only to discover the next day that he
was dead next to his Violin.
The SS literally ran some of the Jews to death
Another round of selection
“The weak, to the left; those who could walk well,
to the right.”
“My father was sent to the left.”
The SS soldiers chose a selection of ranking from
the weakest towards the strongest
Though Elie’s dad was able to escape the right
just barely
The Journey
“The SS pushed us in, a hundred to a carriage, we
were so thin! Our embarkation completed, the
convoy set out.”
The prisoners, including Elie, are placed in a
carriage where they travel .
100 to a car was inhumanly claustrophobic, but
efficient for the SS
Not a reason to live
“No more reason to live, no more reason to
Men tried to throw out Mr. Wiesel
from the train
“They’re trying to throw you out of the carriage”
pg. 94
Mr. Wiesel woke up
“My father eyelids moved slightly” pg. 94
Given no food
“..lived on snow; it took the place of bread” pg. 94
Wagon friend Meir Katz
“In our wagon, there was a friend of my father’s
called Meir Katz” pg. 96
Someone trying to kill Elie
“..Felt two hands on my throat, trying to strangle
me.” pg. 96
Everyone Crying
“Hundreds of cries rose up simultaneously” pg. 97
Mr. Wiesel giving up
“I can’t go on…. This is the end.. I’m going to die
here..” pg. 100
Want to get rid of Mr. Wiesel
“Don’t let me find him! IF only I could get rid of
this dead weight” pg. 101 Elie said about his Dad
Father Dying
“He grew weaker day by day” pg. 102
Mr. Wiesel hid gold and Money
“… I must tell you where to find the gold and the
money I buried.. In the cellar..” pg. 102
April Sixth
“… evacuation began”
6:00pm April Eleventh
“… first American tank stood at the gates of
Buchenwald..” pg. 109
Look in the Mirror
“… a corpse gazed back at me.” pg. 109
To Conclude
Why did Elie write this novel?
How did he achieve this purpose?
• Vivid imagery, recolections, death of loved ones,
brutal beatings
Elie masterfully recalls his story in a way that makes
every person who reads this never want to see
anything like this ever again.

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