The Life Cycle Management Team

AT&T Life Cycle Management Team
Engineering, Provisioning, and Operating the NetTN Network
AJ Suraci
908-234-3598 (office)
908-883-0561 (cell)
Robert Wood
Director – Architecture
615-271-3714 (office)
615-830-4234 (cell)
Dave Tyler
Director – Operations
615-401-4100 (office)
314-616-5947 (cell)
Bob Faetanini
Lead Core LCM Eng.
419-625-1021 (office)
Kurt Ryckman
LCM Core Eng.
419-625-1021 (office)
Linda Bennett
LCM Core Eng.
407-302-1710 (off.)
Mike Baietto
LCM Core Eng.
815-459-2997 (office)
Jenny Notestein
Sr. Project Manager
Core Change Mgmt
201-360-9208 (cell)
Lisa Giebelhaus
Sr. Project Manager
Core Engineering
404-816-5949 (office)
404-713-5587 (cell)
Stephen Broyles
Core/9-1-1 Engineering
615-401-4304 (office)
615-828-8761 (cell)
Robert Edmunds
Core/K-12 Engineering
615-673-4240 (cell)
Robert Knight
Security Architect
412-225-9406 (cell)
Tim Range
314-244-6610 (office)
Ed Boggs
678-571-8607 (office)
AT&T Labs
Vince Hayden
Product Development &
347-330-9928 (cell)
Doug Arnold
Operations Manager
LLG, PBS, eHealth, VitalNet
615-401-4113 (office)
615-268-1014 (cell)
Brandon Pippin
Operations Manager
911 Over NetTN
615-401-4028 (office)
615-419-6418 (cell)
Chuck Tillman
Operations Manager
K12, Security Rpts, E-Mail
901-761-6422 (office)
901-268-0693 (cell)
Danny White
Operations Mgr-OIR BD,
ANIRA, NetTN Web Site
615-618-7598 (cell)
Glenn Williams
Operations Mgr, TBR, UT,
PCU, TEMA, VitalNet, SLA
615-495-1498 (cell)
Kent Arnold
Project Manager, ALI/ANI
9-1-1 Over NetTN
615-856-6657 (Cell)
Abner Fuentes
Project Manager, Wireline
9-1-1 Over NetTN
615-401-4217 (Office)
615-584-5937 (Cell)
Jimmy Lichtenstein
Sr. Project Manager
9-1-1 Over NetTN
615-401-4368 (Office)
615-591-6971 (Cell)
Tim Weatherford
Transition Manager
911 Over NetTN
Mike Landon
Project Manager
317-265-2411 (office)
317-997-9698 (cell)
Lisa Flowers
Project Manager
Imp., Remedy, MACD
614-233-5567 (office)
614-371-0956 (cell)
Glenn Kittle
Sr. Project Manager
Team Lead–Implement.
615-401-4334 (office)
615-268-1031 (cell)
Kaye Lewis
MACD Manager, ANIRA, &
GPS/Billing Support
615-401-4145 (office)
615-916-1524 (cell)
Brandon Ward
MACD Manager Assistant &
GPS/Billing Support 615401-4103 (office)
Terri Johnson
Bus. Ops Mgr, Weekly Svc
Mtg, Financials, Billing,
SLA Mgr, Tier 1 HD Liaison
Hugh Judd
Service Manager
Jan Lane
Billing Manager

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