7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Habit 1- Be Proactive
Just Push Pause
• When ever we are faced with a situation that
has a tendency to upset us, it is important to
stop and think (Push Pause)
• If we are reactive- we tend to blow up and
make things worse
4 Power Tools
• Humans, by virtue of having a well
developed brain, are able to think before
they act
• Animals (and young children) rely mainly in
instinct to control their behavior
• The Power Tools are the Brain’s tools to
help us through difficult situations
• I can stand apart from myself and observe my
thoughts and actions
– I can think about what I am doing and what I
should be doing
• You as a Human
– I have been mean to mom because she
bugs me about my grades. My grades
are bad because I have been staying up
late talking to friends. I have been
talking to friends because I want to have
a connection with people.
• As an Animal
– I am angry because my mom is
aggressive. I sleep because I am tired. I
talk to people because they protect me
or …
• I can envision new possibilities
– We can actually look in to the future and imagine
what can happen.
– Imagination helps us create goals
• You as a human
– What happens when I react poorly to something.
I can imagine myself in the office, grounded, in
jail, unemployed
– What happens when I react appropriately. I can
imagine myself graduating, getting married,
having a great job with an awesome car, etc
• You as an animal
– Only instinct- you can’t see what will happen next
only what you want NOW!!!
• I can listen to my inner voice and know right
from wrong
– Your inner voice that tells you right from wrong
– This is developed over time
• You as a Human
– You know its wrong to hit, kick, steal, do drugs,
not do your school work.
– You know its right to help, be respectful, be kind,
he honest, do your school work
• You as an animal
– It doesn’t matter- the only thing that is right is
what I need right NOW!!!
• We have the power to
– We don’t have to react
– We can chose to do right
and wrong
• We as humans
– can chose to act or not act
– We can chose to be mad, sad, happy, sleep when
we should be studying, talk when we should be
listening, be patient and wait for the big reward
instead of going for the little reward
• We as animals
– Work only on instinct and cannot wait. We go for
what is right NOW!!!

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