JK Lakshmi

Developing Rural Markets
JK Lakshmi Cement
Category: Best Integrated Initiative using ATL/BTL
Client: JK Lakshmi Cement
Agency: MART
Cement Business
Indian Cement Industry Positioned at second rank (after China)
 More than 40 cement companies- 140 large cement plants
Cement Purchase: Rural
 Though perceived as a commodity, in rural areas retail customer gives
personalized attention during cement purchase.
Perceived quality differentiation is low therefore packaging, branding, servicing
and reach become very important.
Retail Demand is in small spurts as per cash inflows. Any delay in dispatch leads to
conversion to a competitive brand.
Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) like masons plays an important role in brand
Data Source: www.cmaindia.org & The Economic Times
To develop Rural Markets in terms of
Improved BrandVisibility &
Deeper Penetration of JK Lakshmi Cement
inVillages > 5K population
Markets Covered
Target geography
o Rajasthan (8 Districts)
o Gujarat (2 districts)
o Haryana (8 districts)
 Target Audience
o New construction site owners
o Masons/ Contractors
o Distribution channel partners
Rural Marketing
• Taking dedicated
Premier Rural
Agency on Board
Synchronizing marketing
activities at same point
• Working together with
different stake holders
• Consumer & Dealer
Activation/ New
Construction site
visits/Mason meetings/
Brand recall activities
Customized plan
e.g. Customized
route plans, Dealer
Development Haryana, Use of
PlatformsRajasthan &
Gujarat, Deeper
Marketing plan
Pilot followed by
Scale up
Regular Reporting
& Feedback
Integrated Micro Marketing Approach
Consumer Activation
Mason (KOL) Engagement
Scale of Operations
Geography- 3 states & 18 Districts
Villages & Towns Covered- 800
Brand Recall (Static
Touch base with TG
Customers- 40,000
Masons- 7,300
Dealers- 2,745
New Construction site visits- 2,104
Dealer Activation
New Construction Site
Evidence of Result
 In Haryana and Gujarat the Pre and Post Campaign 6 Monthly Average shows a healthy
growth of 100% and 60% respectively.
In Rajasthan we recorded a Year on Year growth of 38% in areas where Rural Marketing
campaign took place while the neighboring areas registered a YOY increase on 18%, thus
we could attribute the 20% growth is derived from the campaign.
Glimpses of the Campaign

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