Overall Objective

Welcome to CODEC
CODEC is an inheritor of DANIDA Bangladesh derived from couple of project
intervention explicitly DANIDA Boat Building Project and Boat Rental Scheme.
CODEC has been working as a people centered development organization since 1985.
CODEC has been growing and evolving into efficient and effective non-governmental
development organization in the coastal area of Bangladesh.
Vision - A prosperous, empowered and healthy coastal community with equal rights, dignity
and social justice irrespective of caste, creed and gender.
Mission- Empower the disadvantaged coastal communities by undertaking appropriate
socio-economic development interventions such as community institution building
and leadership development, micro- finance program, quality education, health
awareness, environmental promotion, climate response activities and upliftment of
social justice.
Program Coverage
Districts: 15
Upazillas: 65
Overall Objective: Eradicating poverty and ensuring the economic development of
underprivileged fisher folk and other coastal communities.
Programme: Savings, Credit support, Small Loan- RMC, Small Entrepreneurs- ME,
Support to Hard Core Poor.
Target HH Coverage: Total 95724 Households
Period: July 12 to June 2013
Income Budget: Tk. 151,991,373. Expenditure Budget : Tk. 117,637, 519. Surplus
Budget: Tk. 34,353,854
Donor : DANIDA, PKSF, Strmmy Foundation
2. Project Title: MIME Micro Insurance for Mutual Enabling
Overall Objectives: 1) To sensitizing NGO/MFIs and mainstreaming insurance companies to
the concept of mutuality and MIME for the welfare of the poor in Bangladesh. 2) To reduce
vulnerability of the poor people. 3) To provide additional services for the interest of the poor
community .
Donor : INAFI Bangladesh
3. Project Title: Agriculture & Nutrition Extension Project (ANEP)
Overall Objective: To improve the food security and nutrition of the poorest and most
vulnerable HHs in both rural and urban areas.
Programme Activities: 1) Farmers group sessions for production and business planning, 2)
Nutritious vegetable production training and demo. 3) Off season vegetable training and
demo, 4) Nutritious vegetable kitchen garden promotion packages, 5) Compost and soil
management training and demo., 6) Establish Market planning committee and cooperatives
for market chain development. 7) Strengthen govt. extension and research agencies.
Period: IDE- March’12 – Dec’14
WF- March 12 – Dec’ 15
Donor : European Union
Fund (IDE): Tk.28,447,395 Fund (WF): 8,245,120
Target HH Coverage: Total 5000
4. Project Title: Protection of Vulnerable Children of Teknaf and Ukhya in Cox’s Bazar District.
Overall objective - Identification, Reporting and Monitoring Of Child Protection Issues
Established and Functional In the Selected Areas.
Program Activities- 1)raining on CRC, leadership and child friendly space management. 2)
Provide occupational skill development training. 3) Facilitate to children enrolment at
formal and non-formal schools. 4) Secure child birth registration. 5) Facilitate the
adolescents’ boys & girls to be engaged in individual /collective IGAs
Target HH Coverage: Total 4500 children and adolescents'
Fund : Tk. 66,773,900
Period: August’10- Dec’15
Donor : UNICEF
: Nobo Jibon – Multi- Year Assistance Program (MYAP)
The Nobo Jibon has been designed to reduce food insecurity and
vulnerability for 81,229 direct beneficiary households, or nearly 1 million people, in two
upazillas of Barisal Division over five years.
Strategic Objectives-1
Strategic Objectives-2
Strategic Objectives-3
• Improved health and nutritional status of
children under-5 and pregnant & lactating
• Poor and extremely poor households have
increased production and income
• Households in target communities protect
their lives and assets and quickly resume
livelihood activities following natural
Target HH Coverage: Barisal:
23,706, Amtali: 57,523, Total:
Fund : Tk 203,668,568
Project Period: Oct’10-Feb’15
Donor: USAID, Save the
Children & GoB
6. Project Title Enhance income generation and Nutrition status of the Poor through
Area: Barisal & Amtoli
Overall objective
 Increase income and nutrition of poor families through pond fish and vegetable cultivation.
Capacity enhancement of existing commercial fish farmers in the proposed area.
Program Activities: 1. House hold survey and data base preparation based on GIS system, 2. Group
formation (Informal) and leader selection, 3. Staff capacity development (ToT for field staff), 4. Monthly
training to assist farmers on pond/gher management 5. Demo pond set up , 5. Nursery development , 6.
Link with value chain market and linkage building with GoB and other service provider, 7. Coordination
with Co-management Committee, 8. Cage culture .
Target HH Coverage: Total 16000 HH
Period :16 Feb `12 – 30 Sept `13
Donor : World Fish Center
Fund: Tk. 34,363,346
7. Project Title Enhance income generation and Nutrition status of the Poor through
Area: Bagerhat
Overall objective : As Above
Target HH Coverage: Total 18000
Fund: Tk. 32,455,004
Period :12 Feb`12 – Sept `13
Donor : World Fish Center
8. Project Title: NATUN ALO (New Light)
Overall Objective: By 2016, 1000 poor and marginalized families of Patuakhali District of
Bangladesh have improved economic status and enjoy their entitlements with dignity.
Program Activities: 1. Peoples Organization Development & Functions, 2. Basic Health and
Nutrition, 3. Basic and Functional Education, 4. IGAs activities, 5. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR)
Target HH Coverage: Total 1000 households Period :July`11 – June`16
Fund : Tk.51,169,774
9. Project Title: Strengthening Local CBOs & NGOs Support Project
Overall Objective : Strengthening financial resource management capacity of local
small NGOs and CBOs towards poverty eradication through integrated
development approach in Bangladesh.
Fund: 150,174,563 Period: Dec 2013
10. Project Title: Program for Strengthening Household Access to Resources (PROSHAR)
Overall Objective : Reduced Food Insecurity among Vulnerable Rural pulsations.
Strategic objective-1 : Income & Access to Food of Poor and Ultra Poor Households improved.
Strategic objective-2 : Health of Pregnant & Lactating Women and Children Under -5 improved.
Strategic objective-3 : Institutions and Households prepared to respond effectively to shocks.
Target HH Coverage: Total 7200 households
Fund : Tk. 42,497,903
Period : Dec’11- May`13
11. Project Title: Strengthening Partnership, Results and Innovation in Nutrition Globally
Overall Objectives: Improvement of household behaviors and increase consumption of
appropriately diverse foods, thereby creating an enabling environment to improve the
nutritional status of women and young children in coastal area.
Major Activities: 1) Fortnightly Farmers Field School Sessions, 2) Poultry Shed Distribution,
3) Vegetable Seed Distribution
Target HH Coverage: Total 14400
Fund: Tk. 12,683,174
Period : 16’Oct 12 – 15 Oct’ 13
Donor : Save the Children
12. Project Title : SHIKHON - Supporting the Hardest to Reach through Education
Overall Objective: Contribute to the achievements of Bangladesh’s development goals and
to a national basic education framework.
Programme: Non Formal Primary Education (NFPE), Early Primary Education (EPE),
Community Children Club (CCC)
Target Children Coverage: 8472
Fund : TK. 118,977,150
Period: Jan`12 – Dec` 16
Donor: Save the Children
13. Project Title: Promoting Talent Through Early Education (PROTEEVA)
Overall Objective : Improve primary school enrollment, completion and academic performance
for children in Bangladesh
Three Key Components: 1. ECD (Early Childhood Development), 2. PE (Primary Education)
3. SHN (School Health Nutrition)
Target Children Coverage: Total 137520
Fund: Tk. 125,463,210
Period: March 10 – August 14
Donor : Save the Children
14. Project Title: Household Economic and Food Security of Extreme poor (HEFS)
Overall Objectives: Elimination of extreme poverty of 20000 target households in outreach
coastal areas have graduated out of extreme poverty with three years.
Program Activities: 1) EP HHs identified, conduct HH Micro plan and baseline assessed,
2) Linkages for Social Protection and Safety Net Established as per HH Micro Plans,
3) Livelihoods of EP HH improved and diversified -Direct delivery (Inputs), 4) Awareness
building and linkages for Nutrition, health and basic services through court yard meeting
and linkage development workshop, 5) Provide temporary Financial Assistance, 6) Provide
training to staff and HHs.
Period: April `09 – March `15
Fund: TK.175,463,210
Donor: Save the Children
15. Project Title: Income Generating Activities for the Underprivileged Communities mainly
through Awareness and Education Programme.
Overall Objective: Improve socio-economic and cultural conditions of the underprivileged
landless/asset less people of Bagherhat and its adjacent districts to the extent where
they have secured their basic needs and a healthy environment.
Program Activities: Formal Education  Early child development education  LIFE
Education (Shonglap) for Adolescents  Return to school  Training and Capacity Building
Micro Credit  Peoples Organization.
Target Coverage: Total 25401 men, women, Children & Adolescents'
Fund: TK. 86,534,720
Period: Jan`11 – Dec`13
16. Project Title: Promotion of Food Security Through Soil Fertility Management in Hilly Areas.
Overall Objective:
To improve food security of poor, small and marginal farmers through
promotion of suitable agro-technology in agro-ecologically disadvantaged hilly areas.
Program Activities: 1) Beneficiaries training on broiler rearing, nursery establishment, biogas
establishment, food bank, short duration rice, home gardening & tree plantation, mushroom
cultivation & Basic Agriculture training etc. 2) Bench terrace demonstration, power tiller,
power tiller operated dry seeder, low lift pump, paddle thresher, sprayer, rice weedier, spade,
IRRI super bag, home gardening, tree plantation, nursery, food bank, biogas, compost, hedge
row and mini horticulture establishment.
Target HH Coverage: Total 2000
Fund: Tk. 30,808,049 Period: July 10-Dec`13
Donor: European Union and Bangladesh Government
17. Project Title: Coastal Peoples’ Participation in Formulation of National Policies and Law
Overall Objective: To promote Coastal Peoples’ participation in the development of effective national
policies and legislative initiatives relating to the eradication of extreme poverty and protection of
the environment, while at the same time strengthening the representational, legislative and
oversight capabilities of area Members of Parliament (MPs) to allow them to effectively pursue
the agreed-upon policy agenda.
Target Area Coverage: 03 Districts & 10 Upazillas
Period: August 11 – July 14
Donor: Asia Foundation
Fund: Tk. 17,885,466
18. Project Title: CODEC School Feeding Programme
Overall Objective: To have access in nutritious and healthy food of starving
children at river and sea eroded areas of Chittagong & Laxmipur.
Program Activities: 1) Primary School selection at river eroded and impoverished areas and
enlistment of children. 2) De-worming and orientation on hygiene to the children, teachers
and programme staffs. 3) Balance dietary food preparation and feeding. 4) Ensure Safe water
and sanitation. 5) Cleanliness Day Observation in each week
Target Population Coverage: Total 655 Children under 03 primary schools
(Rehabilitation areas of Kalakopa – Alexander, Kalkini of Laxmipur, North
Selimpur Jaladas village – Sitakunda, Chittagong
Fund : 8,924,921
Period : Dec`12 – Dec`14
Donor: Interchurch Organization for Development Cooperation (ICCO)
19. Project Title: Early Recovery of Flood Victims in south east Bangladesh.
Overall Objective: 1. Cash for Work for 40 days, 2. Cash For Training (CFT) and 25 days
Cash for Work, 3. Unconditional Cash Grant.
Target HH Coverage: : 4,050 HH
Fund Budget: 25,861,148
Period: Nov 12 – April 13
Donor: Save the Children
20. Project Title: New Partnership In Participatory Market System Development
Overall Objective: Reduce rural poverty and enhance food and nutrition security
of rural marginalized producers in the project areas through application of
Participatory Market System Development (PMSD) approach.
Target: 500 HH, Fund: Tk. 702,600 Duration: 01 march/13 – September/14
Donor: ICCO through Practical Action
CODEC Chittagong Training Center (CCTC)
CODEC Patuakhali Training Center (CPTC)
21. CODEC Residential Training Centers:
CODEC has been operating three residential Training Centers in Chittagong,
Patuakhali and Bagerhat with visual and digital equipment along with necessary
accessories. CODEC itself, local, national and international NGOs and GoB
regularly arrange, organize and facilitate staff and community members training
program, workshops, seminar and conference at these Training Centers. These
Training Centers are self-financed and self-administered.
CODEC Bagerhat Training Center (CBTC)

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